Is Big Brother listening?
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Can FaceTime IM monitoring read the traffic on googletalk when it's being run via the browser?

My employer is using FaceTime IM Monitoring and I'm curious whether it can monitor GoogleTalk when it's being run in the browser with SSL encryption running.
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My guess would be no, but I certainly don't know for sure. Presumably in the browser it's using an an SSL AJAX request. And I assume FaceTime is just looking for connections on whatever port regular IM clients use.
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Almost certainly not via SSL, but gmail (at least, as of this moment) does not force SSL (although it should) and people don't often switch to the https, so probably 90% of GTalk conversations are in plaintext.
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Gmail does allow you to force SSL. It was recently (July 24th) added as an option under the Settings--> General tab.
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(sweet, thanks)
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I was thinking they wouldn't be able to monitor the data, but my understanding of the truly technical bits is somewhat limited.
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