Nuanced discussions of sexuality
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I want to read about sexuality.

What are some quality resources that discuss sexuality in a nuanced way? I'm particularly interested in the homoerotic thoughts and experiences of self-identified straight men, and the prevalence of such. More generally, I'm just interested in learning about sexuality from sources that avoid the discrete gay/bi/straight mode of thinking.

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A classic: Foucault's History of Sexuality
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Spalding Gray's Impossible Vacation.
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It sounds to me like you want to read Eve Kokofsky Sedgwick's Epistemology of the Closet.
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Only book on "sexuality" I've ever read is Bonk by Mary Roach. It was good fun.
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The above mentioned Foucault and especially the Sedgwick texts are Queer Theory 101. Any academic discussion of sexuality in literature starts there. They're excellent.
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i don't have a specific book recommendation, but i go to the college bookstores and see what's required reading for the sexuality courses.
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The End of Gay
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You might enjoy Men in Love by Nancy Friday. It's a collection of men's sexual fantasies (although it's a bit old by now)... I am pretty sure that there are some in there that are of the sort you seek.
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Foucault really is the best starting point. Warning: Bring Advil. It's a bit... dense.

(It's actually easier to read in the original French. Not that I'm, um, dorky enough to have read Foucault in two languages or anything... Right.)
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The Kinsey Institute is a great place to start looking for resources on modern thought about sexuality.

And of course, the original Kinsey Report Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) started a conversation about male homosexual experiences that we're still having today.
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Anne Fausto-Sterling's Book Sexing the Body was one of the greatest resources I've ever used to understand human sex and sexuality more. Also, I highly recommend PoMoSexuals (short for Post-Modern), a collection of works from various individuals giving more varied insight, edited by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel, with a great preface by the lovely Kate Bornstein who I had the privilege of meeting while an undegrad. The latter REALLY avoids the "discrete gay/bi/straight mode" you're talking about.
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Savage Love
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