Does anyone have any recommendations for online retailers for DirecTV?
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I'm looking into signing up for DirecTV, mostly for the free/cheap Tivo. I've checked out the PVRBlog, Matt's recommendation seems to be go through OrbitSat, I've also been referred there before from others, but they no longer deal with DirecTV. Google is full of linkfarm results for the same 3 or 4 online retailers, by instinct I don't want to give them my business. Does anyone have any recommendations for online retailers for DirecTV? I'm looking for a 2 room system, with a single DVR, and Triple LNB, for as cheap as possible.
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I've used a couple times (I never actually used orbitsat, just their affiliate thing). The last time I did it, I got a directivo for about a hundred bucks with a triple lnb dish, and they did actually dispatch an installer about a day after it showed up on my doorstep, and the guy didn't charge a thing (the free install really was free).

I felt kinda bad because I forgot to tip the guy (it was raining and he did it anyway, so I'll probably call up the local satellite guy whenever I need to do extra work for HDTV, etc.
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Why not just order directly from DirecTV? $99 for up to three rooms with an oval dish, one TiVo (up to two standard receivers for the other rooms), and professional installation. $15 s/h.
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Response by poster: Mostly because I know that I can get it for almost free if I play my cards right, or find the right cards.... americansatellite has a 2 room system for $89- including shipping and handling. Solid Signal has it for $97 including shipping. If I had ordered it last week it would've been $39 including shipping. I've done lots of searching for the perfect deal, I was just hoping others might have some tips I hadn't come across.
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If you call Directv and tell them about these other deals you can typically get even more out of them. I just ordered a HD Directivo unit without the install from a 3rd party. When I called Directv to have it installed (new dish, new wires, etc...) I was able to get them to give me the install at promotional pricing from all these other dealers who have promotions going on if I was to have ordered it from them directly. Additionally I kept pressing about HD programming and their current deal (get HD programming and purchase a Samsung tv get 6 months of free HD programming). Well I wasn't about to go drop another grand on a new tv (I already have a HD tv anyways) and I kept saying that my tivo unit itself was $1000 (not what I paid) and after about 30 minutes of negotiating things with the very nice lady at Directv I ended up getting 6 months of free HD programming and Showtime free for 1 month. I have never had a problem with Directv over the phone and any time I have had a problem (installation late, programming out) they have always been right there to do the right thing and give me a free month of this or a free month of that. I would definately call Directv and see what you can get out of them. Just keep pressing about promotions and that you can get it from someone else.
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