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hi, so i'm in south-east asia right now and my friend wants to throw this BBQ on his roof.problem is, he stays with his folks, in this apartment building on the top floor, and there are other apartment biulding close by.
the biggest problem right now is, what do we do about a loo? we cant ask the parents to open up the house at 2 am for someone want to pee, also its not possible just to pee on the roof or ina bucket with rose-water as smeone suggested. also we cant just put a bucket with bedsheets around it and cordonn it off like someone else said, mean where will our girlfriends go? its not very nice.

so do you guys have some solution? someone also said hey just pass coconuts but no this wont work also.

we have: big roof, (terrace with concrete-like), sky, some stars sometimes, BBQ grille, food, nice people, but we dont have loo! what do we do?

i'm sorry english is not very good please xcuse, also please HELP!!!
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Portable toilet, like this
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From the original poster:
hello, thank you kindly, but we dont have money for portable, we speand on party instead!! like BBQ, pepsi-cola , grille, cole for grille like this!!! so no portablle pls!!! mean we student!!!'
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I don't understand why the bucket with sheets wouldn't work. That's what I'd do.
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is this a job for The Shit Box?
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Is there a way to block off the house with furniture or something, so there is only one possible route to the bathroom, and post signs telling people to be quiet and respect the house?
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Or maybe one of these toilet seats that snap on common 5 gallon bucket? They are a lot cheaper than a full-on portable chemical toilet. Line the bucket with a plastic bag with a gallow or two of kitty litter or sawdust, and just throw away the contents in the morning.
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Having done astronomy events I can vouch for a popup outhouse-style tent and a toilet seat that fits on any regular old Home Depot bucket. Use it with wood shavings (in any rabbit/hamster supply area of a store). You can get the tent and seat at any good camping supply place. For a multi-hour thing with a group I'd probably get two of them. This is a vastly better idea than trying to haul in a porta-potty.
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(and if you don't want a portable solution I'm not understanding what the point of this question is)
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another answer from anon:
no no, pls we cannt blocking off house with furniture, first of all, mother of my friend she very strict!!! she dont like us much!!! also furiture is made of bamboo so everything can see!!! so no blocking!!! also my one friend razak he very noisy always, we tell him no pls no noise but he dont listen!!! so no going to house pls, we cannod go there!!! you see, mother, bamboo, razzak, like this!!! sorry for english but my intention good! only clean par'ty, BBQ party!!!'
They are apparently in Southeast Asia somewhere so Home Depot and Amazon are out.
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As you say, you need something nice for the ladies. The guys can deal with a bucket behind a sheet. I'd say, work it out with the parents, they might be cool with ladies only coming down to use the loo. Especially if you have a designated escort to take them down, so the apartment door can stay locked except when someone has to go. Then take up a collection and give them something nice.
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Is there a public or otherwise accessible bathroom in a nearby building? How will people be arriving at and leaving the party? Presumably they'll have the option of leaving the way that they came, finding a bathroom to use (if one is available), then coming back? Shouldn't take more than a few minutes round trip.
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Really it seems like the only options are seat on a bucket or go inside. Unless there's a convenience store nearby, just make sure everyone that takes advantage of that buys something.
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Seems like you need to find another location for your BBQ.
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If the parents are so strict and not supportive of a party that they won't let the ladies into the house to use the loo, I would fear that they'll shut down this party anyway for the noise/inconvenience factor.

Instead of having it late at night, perhaps the parents would be more accommodating if this were held on a weekend afternoon?
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Maybe it's time to stop inviting Razak to parties.
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You say a bucket with sheets around it is not very nice, but it's a lot nicer than just peeing right on the roof. If you can't spend money, can't go inside, and don't want a bucket, than you better not have a BBQ on the roof, because there really aren't alternatives.

Be advised that if you have a bucket, you have to have people willing to empty it into the toilet and clean it out, or lug plastic bags (double bag, definitely) to the dump. It helps to have a bucket of peat moss to minimize the smell and soak up the liquid if you go the bag route; everyone tosses in a couple of handfuls after they use it. You're bucket will probably have to be emptied multiple times during the party.
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I think you're just going to have to tell everyone to hold it in and NOT PEE. Or poop. Or vomit. I don't see any other options when you rule everything else out.

Or just hold it somewhere else. But as a girl, I wouldn't go to a party with no way to pee.
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