Mandarin courses in Seattle
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Have you personal recommendations for Mandarin language classes in Seattle?

I'm exploring my options at this point, and am still open to:
Community college
University extension courses
Private or semi-private lessons

Just looking to see if there are any profs who are exceptional, or programs that can't be missed. Thanks!
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have you looked to see if 'rosetta stone' does mandarin?
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Best answer: Here is one great option for you:

So, professor Lu-Sheng Chong is an elderly but very energetic man who runs the "Chinese Learning Center" out of his apartment in the University District. He teaches group courses there (through UW experimental courses) and, as of last spring, was actively scheduling 1:1 lessons as well. I took a few 1:1 classes with him before moving to China, and they were great as well as inexpensive. While he tends to ramble a bit, he has a great many years of experience of teaching Chinese to all sorts of audiences - and if you are interested, you can also learn caligraphy, tai chi quan and peony gardening in one fell swoop! I was pretty happy with seeing him once a week, and supplementing that with studying on my own. Feel free to mefi-mail me for more information.
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