Why can't I access a specific website from any computer in my house?
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I can't access a specific website from any computer in my house. (MI)

I've been trying since this morning to access Kevin Drum's website (www.washingtonmonthly.com) and both the computers in my house don't connect to the site. I had lunch at a friend's house today, and I could connect instantly; and I'm sure if you all click the link you get there too.

Both computers in the house are PCs running XP-SP1, I'm using a LinkSys router connected to a DSL modem (which I've already tried turning off/on again) connected to my DSL line. The site was not accidentally put on any block list or HOSTS file, especially on two computers, and I've tried restarting the computer. Trying to ping from the command prompts doesn't even give a "timed out;" it flat-out says the site doesn't exist. I read this site daily so I connected to it yesterday with no problems; and I tried clearing the site cache. But since it's happening on both computers I'm worried it's either the modem or the router.

Any ideas? It's not as much the specific site, more a help request in case this happens again, or if I find out it's happening to other site I visit.
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Oh for the love of FUCK. Now it works.

Ummm... yeah.

Weezle Wuzzle?
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I'm sure if you all click the link you get there too.

Ironically enough...
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The Washington Monthly isn't just Kevin Drum's site, y'know.
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possibly some bad dns caching. two things to try in the future.

open a command window (File Run, "cmd") type in

ipconfig /flushdns

then try hitting the site again.

if that doesn't work, see if your DNS is even resolving the site properly ...

open a cmd window again, type in "nslookup" and then type the name of the domain you want to get to -- in this case, "www.washingtonmonthly.com" -- look at the ip, and then maybe compare it with an IP that you get, from doing an IP WHOIS at say, SamSpade.org.

compare the two.
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The only thing I can think of.....perhaps the owner of washingtonmonthly.com happened to be transferring the domain from one host to another, and so there would be a 48 hour (roughly) period of propagation where the internet, node by node, learns of the new configuration (they pass the info of washingtonmonthly.com's new host onto each other).

SO.......there can be a time when you can actually access a site from one internet account, but not another (happened to me before).

Can't think of anything else....
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FF- thanks, I'll keep that in the reference file in case this happens again.
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Washington Monthly's DNS server is all fux0red, and thus it will become inaccessible for certain amounts of time. You can use the-cloak.com as a proxy, and I find that works pretty well for most sites.
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10034; 10034.
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Thanks, PV.
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What calistasm said. www.washingtonmonthly.com has been dropping in and out of (here's where I break out my technical interweb mojo) the wide world of DNS for a good long while. In other words it's not just you.
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