I just really don't want to plug another thing into the wall...
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I have a cable modem provided by Time Warner Cable of NYC (seen here). The back of the device has one 10 Base-T port (ethernet jack) and one USB type B jack. Can I connect a laptop to the USB jack and my Xbox 360 to the ethernet jack?

If not, is there anyway to connect multiple devices, wired or wirelessly, to the internet without needing an additional power source?

Ideally I would like to connect:

1 Laptop (connected wired or wirelessly)
1 Xbox 360 (and I am willing to buy the official wireless adapter if necessary)
1 Wii (and I am willing to buy the USB wired adapter if necessary)

Connecting the Wii is the lowest priority for me.

Is there anything I could connect to the USB Type B port to set up a wireless network without using another power plug?

Is there an ethernet switch that does not require power? Maybe one that runs on magic?

Could I replace the cable modem with one that would do the same job, but provide a few extra ports or wireless?

FWIW, all of these devices are in about a 3 foot radius.

I am seriously out of room on my surge protector here.
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The user manual for the PCX2200 says that the USB and Ethernet interfaces can be used simultaneously. I doubt you could replace the cable modem without having to get your provider to allow the new one to be used, but you never know.
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Buy another power strip, because you'll need another outlet for the router or wireless access point you'll have to buy.
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This seems like it would do the job of sharing your internet connection as well. I doubt you'll find a wireless option that is USB powered, though. That's just too much draw for a USB port.
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What BP said. Daisy chain another power strip on there and pick up a cheap router. Those will cost less than the xbox wifi adapter you're willing to buy.
you do know that you can plug one power strip into another without anything blowing up, right?
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Be careful about hooking two devices up to one cable modem. You're only getting one IP address from your ISP, so having both machines on at once is likely to result in an error. Comcast used to let you buy extra IPs to use through a hub (they didn't like routers, considered it stealing) and you could probably do the same with the modem, but its a crappy solution.

With a cable modem, you really need a router. And unfortunately, they don't run on magic - you'll probably have to get a bigger power strip (or another one and daisy chain, or any other number of solutions that will give you additional outlets).
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Oh, and on preview, the device that Dipsomaniac is linking too looks really cool - but its just a switch. You still will only have the one IP address coming from your ISP, so no more than one device could be on at a time.
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As stated above you will need one of those broadband/wireless routers to do the job for you. However you will need to power the router as well.

Check this product out:


I've never used it myself, but the description sounds EXACTLY like what you need. It comes with a power adapter that plugs into a usb port, so you could use your laptop or maybe even a usb port on your x-box to power the router.

The downside is that you will have to go and buy a bunch of wireless adapters for your gaming systems. This is expensive, and as suggested above you could just daisy chain another power strip (although that might be a bit of a fire hazard).
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I'd just buy a wireless router and run a line to the 360 or spring for the wireless adapter for the 360. The wii will connect to the wireless in this scenario too.

Its *very* important you enable WPA encryption on the wireless router. Your manual will explain how.
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>Is there an ethernet switch that does not require power? Maybe one that runs on magic?

Not really, unless you want to start spending more money for PoE gear.

You might be a good candidate for the dlink NormieP linked to. I have one at home, but its something of a kludgy solution. Id go with a dedicated router, especially for gaming.
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You could get a all-in-one cable modem & wireless router.
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Would an all-in-one cable modem work? Otherwise I guess I will have to get a larger surge protector and a switch or router. Anyone have any recommendations for a small router?
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For anyone still interested:

I tried connecting the computer via USB and the Xbox 360 via ethernet cable at the same time. The computer works but the Xbox keeps getting an error message that it cannot "negotiate a leave with the DHCP server" because another device is using the same IP address. I guess that answers that and I am only out the cost of a USB cable.

I will be purchasing a large surge protector and a router. I would still appreciate recommendations on small routers.

Thanks All,
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FWIW, I have one of the WCG200's, and the thing rocks. Does everything I ask it to, plus a little.
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