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Looking for book auctions in Ontario and Quebec...

I'm returning to Canada from the UK, and hoping to continue my book dealing. I used to live in Kingston, where the only 'auction action' is at Gordon's. Sometimes they have some good books there, but they don't specialize in them. I've gotten spoiled here in the UK, where one of the only things I like more than Canada is the book auctions. Now I'm trying to find auction houses that specialize in rare books within a reasonable distance of Kingston. I guess that means Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Any suggestions?
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In Toronto, Ritchies and Waddington's will include books in certain sales. D.E. Lake is also one of the top booksellers/buyers in Toronto, and can I say, frequents those places, if you want to cut to the chase. Neither auction house specializes in books exclusively, but will offer them in certain sales; and each reaches an international market with a cultivated list of book-buyers.
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