What're some political blogs with video?
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What are some good political blogs a la Crooks and Liars that feature lots of up-to-the-minute video clips. Clips of news, scandal, talking heads, speeches, events, etc.

I'm living in overseas and don't have cable or satellite TV, so I rely on the ol Interweb for U.S. news. Political blogs that are text-only are a dime a dozen; I want some video of the presidential race, and of news and politics in general. C&L does a great job but can't cover everything, what are some others? Left/right/center...any slant is ok.
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C-Span (not a blog, but all video)
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are you aware of robert sheer's truthdig? he's also on kcrw's left, right and center, which has an excellent podcast and a new blog but the big dog on the block is of course the the huffington post. also note that you can watch full episodes of nbc's meet the press online (click "netcast" and sit through a boeing commercial in which they're pretending not to be all about cashmoney).
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TPMtv is good.
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The Uptake is a Minnesota-based, non-partisan, progressive citizen journalism outfit that I like. They have been doing live-streaming and video casting from the DNC, and plan to do the same from RNC next week.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone for the suggestions!
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