Best clock radio?
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Clock radios: What's your favorite? Is Bose's the best?
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Do you want a good radio or something that will wake you up in the morning?
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I'm saving up my pennies to buy a Tivoli Model 3 clock radio. It doesn't use as much real estate on the nightstand, and to my ear the Tivoli has a warmer sound than the Bose. It also has an input jack if you want to pump your ipod through it.

That said, the base system is mono, though you can load up on extras like an additional speaker for stereo separation, a subwoofer, a CD player. The extras come in matching wood cabinets.
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I'd stay away from Bose. They have a reputation (among enthusiasts) of being overpriced and heavily marketed.
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I stayed at the Hotel Valencia in San Antonio a few months ago. Each room has a Tivoli Model 3 on the nightstand. Instant love and desire to posess... I'm not a big audiophile, but for looks, feel, and all around "je ne sais quois", I don't think you can beat the Tivoli.
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I've been saving up for the zen alarm clock, someone here recommended it a while ago and I think they may be right and I'll get one as soon as if my plain old Timex ever dies ...
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I'm wanting something that will wake me up, with the option of using a CD to do it. I need the mix of buzzer/radio/cd to mix up cause I'm terrible at waking up. I need the variety.
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Starck Clocks look pretty sweet.
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Out of nostalgia, I sometimes miss the original Sony Dream Machine,
which predated the G4 Cube's coolness.

The sound quality was horrible, and would stop working if you stared at them long enough. Yet back in the early eighties, they were da shit.
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Mine is an old Radio Shack model with a socket in the back (for plugging in a lamp or whatever) that is activated by the alarm.
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I'm waiting for a decent portable stereo with these features:
- CD-MP3 capability
- good amp & speakers
- auto-on CD alarm
- no freakin' cassette deck!
- conservatively stylish, not one of those godawful uglyass boomboxes.

So far, no luck.
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Earlier this year I tried to find a clock radio with a CD player and good reception and sound that didn't cost $400 and didn't get terrible reviews online. I ended up giving up on the CD player component and got a Receptor Radio from Boston Acoustics. It's not cheap, but the reception and sound are very good, and since it probably gets more use than any other receiver in our house it seemed like a good investment.
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For economy, c'est magnifique.
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I use my iPod with a Griffin iTalk microphone stuck on the top. The speaker on the iTalk isn't incredibly loud, but it's loud enough to wake me up - plus I get to pick any playlist to wake up to.
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I'm seriously confused here. Do people actually listen to clock radios for a length of time longer than what it takes to slam a hand down on the snooze button? I'm not being snotty, I'm seriously fucking baffled.

I'm 30 and I'm on my second alarm clock ever, a cheapie Philips I bought at Target for under twenty bucks. I like it because it has a simple set of controls, handy for when you're bleary-eyed and less-than-dexterous; it has a narrow footprint for my nightstand; and it's louder than a motherfucker. Additional bonus: it has thus far survived considerable abuse. Con: the LED is BRIGHTER THAN THE FRICKING SUN AND THERE'S NO FRICKING WAY TO DIM IT.

Oh, and BTW, Bose is for morons with too much money. You can get better equipment for less.
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I dim clock lights by positioning a kleenex box artfully in front.

My wife wakes up to a CD in a cheapass Sony clock radio. I believe it's actually only emitted music once or twice: for years, she's been waking up to the sound of the spin-up, and hits "off" before it can even get tracking correctly.

Me, I just generally wake up on time. Dunno how that happens.
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I've had terrible luck with Sony clock radios. They died way way before their time and had awful reception.
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In answer to keswick's question: definitely yes. At the very least we're in the same room with this radio while getting ready for the day, and while getting ready for the night. It is a source of news and music at those times every day, and plenty of other times besides.

I also want to add that the Receptor Radio has the best user interface of any clock radio my wife or I have ever used. A knob is used for setting alarm times (and other functions). We can change and confirm alarm settings in the dark with one hand while half awake, and gone are the days of advancing the alarm time past the desired hour and having to wait while it wraps around.
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Also to answer keswick, when my alarm clock is set to wake me with the radio, it's usually NPR and the news, so I leave it on for a while.

One nice feature of my current clock is that it will shut the radio off after an hour, so if the radio's off when I get out of the shower, I know I'm running late.
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