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A scorching hot day and a bottle of wine just arrived off the UPS truck. This bottle of cab must be 90-95F! How to care for this wine now?

Help! I don't want to drink it right away. But this was gifted to us for our upcoming 10th anniversary, so we will (hopefully, if it isn't fried) enjoy it within a week or so. Should I let it cool normally to cellar temps, or stick it in in the fridge to cool fast, or what?
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Let it cool off by itself. Don't chill it. Keep it off the cork until it cools down.

Cab, one of the Bordeaux varietals, handles temperature fluctuations a bit more gracefully than some of the other grapes - the old tale says that is why there was always Bordeaux on naval vessels, but rarely Burgundy.
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Nothing to do about it now, just leave it standing up for the week in a cool place. The younger the wine is the more likely it is to still be worth drinking. I'd call the shipper and let them know.
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If the wine is not that old, just store it in a cool place. Heat on a relatively young wine kind of "ages" it (but not in a good way) but you should be okay probably. On a larger scale - heat KILLS wine. You should let the shipper know. I've been a member of innumerable wine clubs etc over the years and many of them wont even ship wine during a heat spike.
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Response by poster: Yes, it's pretty young, '05.
I've let it cool naturally.
I'll contact UPS as well as an email to the winery, Gundlach-Bundschu, one of my favorites).
We'll see. Thanks all.
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what a great title.
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Just FYI, Gundlach-Bundschu shipped a case to me during a week when it was 115 degrees here where I live - an all-time record - and the wine seems all right, even the pinots.
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