How can I make the telemarketing calls to my cell phone stop?
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Anyone know where or how can I get a invite?

My cell phone is being besieged by telemarketing calls and I'm going insane. Anyone know how I can get a grandcentral invite, or know how I can make the calls stop? I'm on the Do Not Call List, but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.
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GrandCentral has discontinued user invites for the time being. Please do not e-mail people who once said they had invites asking if they have anymore. They don't, and the regular e-mails are getting annoying.
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Response by poster: Ummm . . . I haven't emailed anyone. I'm just asking.
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Best answer: It is true, Google is no longer allowing sign-ups to Grand Central. Who knows when they will start accepting new sign-ups again. Beyond that, they have not made a single improvement since acquiring it.
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Best answer: I am not sure how a grandcentral number will help you at this point. If they already have your direct line, you would need to change that before implementing your GC plan. I have a GC number and it works for screening callers and setting them to auto voice mail etc. But the folks who knew me before GC still get directly onto my cell.

99 check your mefi mail.
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The donotcall list takes about a month to kick in, and doesn't apply to charities or companies you've done business with...
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Best answer: About the only way to do this now is to know someone who works at Google. They could probably get you in. But other than that, just wait it out.
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Seconding JohnnyGunn. GrandCentral provides you with a new number. If the telemarketers are calling you on your cell phone's existing number, GrandCentral doesn't filter them out.
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