Is all the hoopla about cacao kaka?
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I've started eating raw cacao beans and I really like them. Are the nutritional claims true?

I sort of "inherited" a bag of these raw cacao beans and I've been munching on them quite happily at work for a couple of days. I noticed that they really perked me up and put me in a good mood (and didn't mess my stomach up like dark chocolate does), so I went out to the internets to get more information. I had no idea that they were such a fad right now...can anyone help me separate the fact from fiction? Also, is there a maximum number of these puppies that I should eat? I do get pretty hyper off of them.
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They contain considerable amounts of theobromine, which is similar to caffeine in effect. That's why you're getting wired.

"Cacao beans contain about 1.2% theobromine by weight."

The MSDS for Theobromine says that the LD50 for rats (who are about as omnivorous as humans) is 1265 mg/Kg. Just for reference, the LD50 for sodium chloride (table salt) in rats is 3000 mg/Kg, so we're not talking about something immensely toxic here.

But I assume that at far lower doses it could make you feel pretty ill, at least based on my experience with consuming too much caffeine at one time.
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Response by poster: Interesting. The package said that the recommended serving was a "handful a day." I consumed far less than that over the course of the day and I have to say that I felt a bit psychedelic when I left the office, with visual effects similar to a slight pot buzz and a definitely nervous stomach. I think I'll eat far less of them tomorrow.
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