Swimsuit for not-so-clean pond
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Please recommend a full-body swimsuit for a not-so-clean pond. It's the closest body of water to my house by far, and I really want to swim there, but the cleanliness of the water has got me worried.

It should be protective, light, and inexpensive -- in that order of priority.
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How not-so-clean are we talking? Water, chemicals and germs will get in unless you're wearing a drysuit with a full face helmet. When I kayaked, we survived falling in some of England's reasonably clean rivers wearing a wetsuit above our swimsuits.
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Umm, how not so clean is this body of water? Not even a SCUBA drysuit will protect you from a really polluted pond. Is it just mucky? Does it have standing water and algae? Slime on the edges? If so you should probably avoid it entirely. If you are seriously concerned, take a vial of the water and bring it to an EPA office or a local govt office that deals with water quality etc and have them test it (or just ask, they probably already know).

If it's just your typical rural pond/lake with reeds, muddy water, gross mud at the bottom, and frogs dont worry about it and shower afterwards. You WILL get water in your ears and mouth (and if you're female, other places). Accept it. Untold generations of children have survived to tell tales of summer days, rope swings, stolen beers and stolen kisses from such places. Dont sweat it.

Okay, all that being said, if you really want a full body suit, try your local SCUBA shop and see if they have a really light (2mm or so) bodysuit thats intended for warm water diving or recreational snorkling. Those things typically cover neck to feet. They wont help you at all from polluted water but if it makes you feel better.... Also they can be pricey. You've been warned.
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Yeah, this is a really problematic question. If the pond is so polluted you don't want it on your skin you shouldn't be swimming in it. The kind of suit that will keep the water completely away from your body, including mouth, ears, and nose, is not the kind of thing you're going to have a good time swimming in. Nor is it going to be inexpensive.

What do you mean that the water isn't clean?
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Ditto everyone else. A swimsuit isn't a magic forcefield. Either the pond is clean enough to swim in or it isn't.
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Another vote for a diving skin of some kind -- I don't know if they're all neoprene or if some are just stretchy suit material, but a lot of tropical divers where them for sun exposure while snorkeling or diving. That should fit the bill for you.

But yeah, the biggest danger of infection or illness is going to come from getting water in your mouth/nose/eyes, though I can see how you might want a suit for swimming in otherwise clean water that just has natural flora that creeps you out.
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Not to be a stickler or anything, but those spandex dive skins don't keep the water away from your skin. Wetsuits actually hold the water against your skin which is why they're called wetsuits, and is why they're only for warm water.
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keep the water out of your ears,eyes,nose & mouth. wash thoroughly after swimming w/soap & hot water. the only "bathing" suit that will help would be a "drysuit" for diving. test the water yourself....get with a local lab shouldn't cost more than $100 or so
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