We the People Divorce Help Please!
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I was wondering if there is an equivalent to We the People, whom took care of my divorce paperwork in California, in Chicago for my sister unfortunately needs to file for divorce...

http://www.wethepeopleusa.com/ is a service that saves you tons of money on legal fees and my sister and her husband both don't own anything together so a divorce through such a service would cost under $1000. The only problem...there are no offices in Chicago....can anyone help?
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She could do it herself. See http://www.nolo.com/.
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Legal Zoom provides document services online. It's the company Joe Escalante pimps on the radio every Friday morning here in LA (which is all I know about it).

Though, since you say it would be an uncomplicated divorce, I do recommend your local big box bookstore. They'll have Nolo books that will walk you through it and provide all the necessary documents, and they should also have DIY document packets specifically for Illinois.
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"Legal document services" is the keyword you're looking for, by the way, if you want to find a brick & mortar in Chicago.
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