Take my mother-in-law.... back to her childhood
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Looking for a song/lullaby that my mother-in-law's mother used to sing to her. Memories are fading and I can only offer one line (or one rememberance of one line) You boys and girls are your mother's pearls possible with a Remember in front of it.

My M-I-L is 70+ so we are looking for a song at least 60 years old, possibly Irish (family are). Web is offering nothing but we are not confident about the line.

I'm hoping one of you can make an old lady very happy, I'm sorry I can't offer any more details
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All I could find was something called Mother's Song, author unknown, that was collected by Sabine Baring-Gould, a 19th century folklorist. It definitely comes from the old country, so maybe she's remembering some version of that?


There's a written down version of it.

And here's another synopsis:


I wish her luck in finding the song, if this isn't it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion but not it I'm afraid - we'll keep searching

Bizarrely a local newspaper carried this question with the same remembered line this week - I'll see if anyone responds to that
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