Kitty needs to eat while I'm away - help!
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Really worried about my kitty! I'm looking for a last minute cat-sitter for next week in London, UK (E2, Bethnal Green).

A friend was supposed to be able to house-sit for us but he dropped out at the last minute. I'm left really worried about my kitty Scully, who's six months and has not been spawyed (therefore cannot go in a shelter).

I'll gladly take any recommendations! Where to look for a trusted pet sitter, any companies you have had experience with, etc...
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Not sure how much traffic it gets, but how about MeFi Jobs?
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I don't know London, but do you have a vet for Scully yet? If so, I'd give them a call - they probably have recommendations for sitters, and/or some of their own staff may well pick up some cash on the side pet-sitting. At least here in the US, I've been really happy with the vet techs who did a bit of moonlighting as pet-sitters.
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Check out these links

and these

And check their references and then double check. Also when you're away - call your house when she/he will be there and make sure you're getting good feedback. Have a neighbor check in - JUST IN CASE.

And if I were you - I'd set up nanny cams as well. Just to be on the safe side that your kitty was getting the absolutely best and proper care and attention possible.

Don't go away too long. :)
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Actually this link is the one I meant to post as the 2nd one
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Cat Mummy is not in your area, but if you give her a ring she might know someone who does is? She was extremely good with our cats, and very trustworthy - so if she has someone she knows it'd be a good lead.
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have you tried the site housecarers?
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