What is this drawing?
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What is this drawing/painting/print I saw? It is in Grendel's Den at Harvard Square. It involves dog and a fancy dinner.

When I lived in Boston I remember sitting at the bar in Grendel's Den and looking over near the entrance wall and just thinking that this was just the coolest drawing!

It is a black and white drawing (maybe ink?) almost cartoon looking.

Fancy guests in very formal attire are sitting at a long dinner table.

There is a dog sitting on the floor, and I believe a butler is standing by the table.

The guests have their noses turned up and appear to be giving the dog a dirty look. The drawing is obviously about the interaction between the guests and the dog.
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You could give them a call?
posted by ceri richard at 7:58 AM on August 27, 2008

Response by poster: You could give them a call?

I've already asked a few bartenders there and no one knew who it was by or how it got there. The picture is bolted to the wall and attempts to get it off to check for a signature were futile.
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Ah! We need a Boston/Cambridge mefite to go take a photograph for the hivemind then :-)
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