Help my filling be less moist
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Any ideas on a recipe to make a cream filling for my cookies that will approximate the texture of the filling in Carr's Ginger Lemon Cremes?

The texture is the same as custard creams, and bourbons and for our American friends, Oreos. I'm looking for moist but satisfyingly solid rather than soggy. All I can manage is deliciously lemony but a bit runny.
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Oreo filling is just vegetable shortening + powdered sugar, so you can make whatever substitutions to get a satisfactory lemon creme out of this combo. I'd use lemon zest.
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Perhaps this recipe might work for you?
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(If you mix it up and it seems runnier than you'd like, just keep adding powdered sugar until it's the consistency you're looking for. I'd definitely use lemon zest instead of lemon juice, like rhizome said.)
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Oreo filling is just vegetable shortening + powdered sugar

I think they've switched to palm oil rather than vegetable shortening, to avoid the trans-fats. It's solid at room temperature without hydrogenation, unlike most other plant oils. So, if you're looking to experiment, you could try palm oil.
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Yes, I think the key is oil that is solid at room temp. I have used this "vegan, non-hydrogenated shortening" in the frosting recipe for these homemade "Oreos" with decent success. Although a real shortening would also work if you're not on the trans-fats-are-scary bandwagon.
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The more starch you add, the tighter your filling will get. Start with a typical recipe for "pastry cream", and experiment.
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