Where can I find a list of the sales rank of NFL jerseys?
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How would you find a ranked list of professional sportsmens' jersey sales for a particular league during a particular season? For instance, where could you find a ranked list of the sales of NFL players' jerseys for 2007?

I've Googled around and found various articles that list the top 20 or 25 in a particular year. That's a start, but really what I'd like is the source that those articles are based on, so I could get all the rankings, not just the top few. I'm as much interested in seeing the worst selling jerseys (spoiler: I know that the worst seller is New Orleans Saints nickelback Randall Gay) as I am in the best. Also, I'm most interested right now in the NFL — given its seasonal relevance — but I'd also be interested in seeing good data for any professional sports league.

They must be pulling that data from a list somewhere, and really what I'm interested in is seeing that list. Is it available anywhere online? Some of those articles list NFLShop.com as the source, but they don't get any more specific than that. I've looked around quite a bit on NFLShop.com but haven't found anything like this data.

I realize that it is proprietary sales data and therefore might not be available, but I feel like enough of those "This Year's Top Selling Jerseys" stories get published each year that the information must be out there, somewhere.

At worst, would it be possible to do this somehow based on, for instance, Amazon.com sales rankings? Is it possible to do a search on Amazon in such a way that it returns all the products in a category (like NFL jerseys, for instance) listed by sales rank?

Are there any other ways to get this kind of data or at least an approximation of it?

Bonus points if that list contains the actual sales figures, in addition to simply the rankings. Again, I realize that since this is proprietary sales data the chances are slim, but you never know. Again, since so many of those "This Year's Top Selling Jerseys" stories get published each year, I thought perhaps the data might be out there.
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Best answer: Pretty sure these figures are based on data from the leagues themselves. Officially Licensed Merchandise like this is monitored by the licensing body, and often the NFL/MLB/NBA/etc will issue a press release post-season with the information included, or make it available as part of a press information kit. That's part of why you see so many stories like this - it's provided without requiring much effort on a journalist's part, and is often picked up and distributed by a wire service (which gets rewritten by a lot of news sources to fit their needs).

In the case of the NFLShop.com attribution you've seen, it's being extrapolated from that source's sales figures, figuring in regional sales through sporting goods stores and the like, and then released by NFLShop.com's publicity department, partly to show how well they're doing, and partly with the idea that they might drive more sales (from folks that want to either be in with the 'cool kids', or pulling for the underdog).

I've seen several of these press releases, and it's fairly obvious that they're written just to provide an easy rewrite for the business/sports/lifestyles reporter looking to fill out a few 'column inches/story pages'.
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