spoon + disposal =poor outcome
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Can you fix a 18/10 teaspoon that's had a run-in with a food disposal?

My soon-to-be kindergartner was helping with the dishes the other night and I didn't notice that a teaspoon went down the food disposal before I turned it on. It was only down there for a split second, but the damage was done. The 'business' end of the spoon now has a pretty sharp gouge in it (sharp enough that I stupidly got a metal splinter in my finger from it).

The spoon is part of a discontinued pattern from Crate and Barrel that I bought almost five years ago. Is there any way that I can get the nick smooth/buffed enough so that the spoon is usable again? Where would I take it to have it done? (I'm in NJ.) I have eight settings and really am not up for losing pieces so soon. Other pieces have small dings in them from the dishwasher and possible run-ins with the disposal that I may not have witnessed first-hand, but this one is definitely messed up.

Oh, and it's 18/10 stainless steel, if it makes a difference.

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Should you be unable to fix it there are many cutlery finder services out there online that should be able to replace the spoon.
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Can you post a picture?

18/10 isn't all that hard. It would be possible to smooth the nick out with a grinding stone in a dremel and then follow up with sand paper drums and finally rouge on a buffing wheel.

Alternatively, if the nick is on the convex curve of the spoon, some work on a sharpening stone might be all you'd need.

A ball peen hammer and a sand bag could remove or minimize a deformation.
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