Hacking the corporate sofa.
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Is there any real way of making a firm foam corporate style sofa more comfortable?

I just got a (free) couch, which I desperately needed and definitely appreciate. However, it appears to have been made at hard couch land. It has steel bands under a plywood board that supports a very firm foam cushion that constitutes all of the base of the couch. Are there any relatively simple ways of softening this couch?
It does feel bit corporate, as though I don't want people sitting in my living room, which is only rarely true.

The cushion is in a zippered cloth outer shell. It has a matching level of firmness in its back support (also cushions in zippered cloth outer shells). Those are less important.

What makes this foam so firm? How can I make it more rump ready?

Adding softer cushions doesn't seem to help as these float right off the sofa and onto the floor.
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Could you get one of those thin foam pads that are sort of bed-sized, and slide it in between the foam and the zippered cloth?
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Response by poster: The cloth shell thing is pretty snugly on the hard foam. I'd have to cut it down some, and I don't know if that's allowed.
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The foam is that firm so you don't hit plywood when you sit down. Softening the foam that's there now will just lead to that very thing happening. I don't think you'll ever be able to make it feel couchy without the springs of a normal couch, but maybe you could add so much foam and other padding on top that it would be more of a raised beanbag chair. That would involve some heavy surgery, though, and you certainly wouldn't keep much of the look.
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Best answer: Can you attach large, softer cushions to the top of the cushion already there? You could make a new cover accommodating these new cushions. But if you're not an adventurous upholsterer, I'm thinking you can buy large cushions that are in a matching/complementary color to the couch and then attach them to the couch seat. You could use velcro strips (I think they sell them with a fabric glue backing so you can stick them right on) to do this, or depending on the construction of the couch sew ties on the ends/corners of the top cushions and tie them to the couch (tying them to the legs or underneath). If you are crafty and have a good eye for color, I think you could do it so the end result still looked good.

It's probably not going to be like having a real store-bought living room couch, but it will be unique and nice looking in its own way.
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I don't quite understand how it's assembled--is the plywood attached to the metal strapping, or could it be removed and the cushions could sit on the strapping (perhaps with a layer of heavy cloth between them?

A lot of couches use sinuous springs to support cushions. It might be possible to remove the straps and plywood, and replace them with springs. Put a piece of heavy burlap between them and the cushions (or maybe a scrap of low napped carpet).

I'm into the whole free couch concept myself, and have been through several, but haven't had a corporate one before.
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