How can I store comic books?
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I am looking for some uber-cool comic book storage ideas. I am not really down with the boring cardboard boxes; however the storage does need to be of of the box and/or cabinet variety. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Uber-cool: Vitsoe. Check out the closed cabinets and drawers.
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I keep mine on bookshelves. If you need to have a cabinet, get one with glass doors like Ikea's Billy line.

Not really cool, but you might also like drawer boxes.
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All of my comic books are now in the aforementioned Drawer Boxes. I cannot say enough good things about them. I now have easy access to comics I have not seen in years.
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I have a love for flat files. Although not especially inexpensive, I think they will make excellent storage for comic books and are available in a wide variety of cabinet materials, colors and dimensions.

Far cheaper, however, are archival grade storage boxes specifically made for comic book storage.
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