What's the best open source search engine?
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My company is looking to build a search engine to index our web site and I'm wondering if anyone has used any open package to do the task. Names, URLs, experience would be highly appreciated,
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Lucene is the standard for this.

Or, if it's a public site, I'd just use Google's site search. It's free, but you can pay some extra money to: a) remove ads, and b) customize the look and feel.
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Lucene, Xapian and Sphinx are big ones

There are no real standards here. Use whatever fits your project the best. You should give us some information about the web-platform and database you are using and you will get better answers. What you want is the one that integrates best with the stuff you already have.
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You almost certainly will not be using Lucene directly... Solr has an indexer and a nice web interface that cuts out a lot of the work. I've been using it for a large site (20k + pages) and it is pretty flexible and moderately fast. Not lightning-fast. Nutch is a level above Solr. (Lucene = text search library, Solr = Lucene + indexer & API, Nutch = Solr + Crawler & Web Interface).

If your site is public and large, and your resources limited, use Google custom search. If you're doing this because your site is 20,000 static HTML files, make a new website.
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I've been using Perlfect Search. It works great.
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+1 nutch. That's what it's for.
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Solr + Lucene is a combination that's worked really well for a number of sites I've been involved with. If you need fine grain control over the content (for example, you're using it as the index for a CMS that you control) it has the advantage of being able to take arbitrary metadata like 'topic' or 'author' that you define, and use that for smarter indexing.
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