Wholesale Furnace Filter Help!
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Where can I buy wholesale furnace filters direct from China or from the manufacturers?

So I'm looking to start a side business selling furnace filters, after much searching with Google I can see many other places selling these same filters, but I can't seem to find out where they are buying them to resell. I've checked Tradekey.com looking for manufacturers in China and not had much luck, and I'm starting to get frustrated.

Can anyone recommend a way or place where I can find companies who manufacturer these things (other than 3M) so I can buy the common sizes at wholesale quantities to resell?

Thanks a ton!!
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I wish I was in Hong Kong now, where'd I could hit the Wan Chai bars and find you a "guy who knows a guy" and make a little side money... anyways, the place to go is alibaba.com. I've found this, but you would more knowledgeable in what you want.

Sub High Efficiency Air Filter
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I'm sure they already have distribution in Canada and parts of the U.S., but I know this manufacturer makes them in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada.
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