Is there an aquatic sport called zapping?
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Is there an aquatic sport called zapping?

My girlfriend was watching the Olympics in a bar in Ljubljana last week. She swears that one of the events was called zapping and consisted of a sort of aquatic leapfrog with one person swimming over three others in the pool before somersaulting off the back of the final one. Now, obviously this isn't an Olympic sport but she is adamant she wasn't drunk. So what did she see? Was this part of the Olympic synchronised swimming? Or some crazy Slovenian sport?
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Yes, this was part of synchronized swimming. I believe it was in the Russian routine, which was part of the finals.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Presumably she was refering to the move at 11.58 in this video and "zapping" is something that was lost in translation.
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Response by poster: Well, I watched it with her and no, it wasn't that routine. She says there were definitely only four of them and I don't think there was any Olympic synchro with four person team, was there? It was definitely introduced with the title card "zapping" in a selection of clips from the Olympics though. The mysteries of Slovenian television.
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