Does anyone have any ways to improve their Soul Calibre 4 online performance?
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Does anyone have any ways to improve their Soul Calibre 4 online performance?

I am playing it on the PS3 and notice that if I face anyone who has a connection rank lower then 5 the game is unplayable. Even for some people with a connection rank of 5 the game is just bearable. My internet is by no means slow, I can usually average a downstream of around 500kb and an upload at peaks at around 100.

(Asking for my brother.)
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Well, is the modem sharing anything else? Unplug any other consoles or PCs or similar devices perhaps. It might also help to give the PS3 a static IP address and double-check that all the right ports are open etc. This information should be easily found online (sorry, I only have a 360 but I'm assuming that as a networked device, the PS3 can be assigned IPs and so forth).
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If he's running bittorrent at the same time he should kill that or at least put an extreme restriction on it's upload rate.
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Is he using the PS3's wireless connection or is it wired? Is he using NAT2? Any problems with other games?
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If you're okay loading a Linux firmware on your router (or have a router that supports it out of the box), try setting up QoS.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the late reply:
SC4 doesn't have any listed ports that it needs open. The only thing running on my pc while i play online is MSN. The ps3 is connected directly to my router. I can't set up QOS on my router.
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