Who is barnstorming downtown Portland?
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I am in my apartment in downtown Portland, OR, and it sounds like we're being swarmed by many smallish airplanes. What is this? Is it part of some event?
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just found this
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and if its on the internet it must be true. Are you okay?
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Response by poster: Heh. No giant floating Cheney faces floating in the sky yet, so so far so good.
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Well, we haven't been nuked yet. Me and Secretariat are pretty damned confused, though, and wherever this (these?) prop planes are flying, they're avoiding the quarter of the sky that we can see from our apartment windows. It's been going on for quite a while, though it's been quieter the last few minutes—plane(s) still audible in the distance, but no crazy loud buzz passes.

There was a big evangelical event at the water front ("Luis Palau Cityfest", I think), but that was this weekend and is presumably over by now, so I'm guessing it's not that. Nothing on the news sites so far.

Overzealous banner-flyer?

(This is pretty fantastic, so thanks for that regardless.)

Oop, there goes another one just now.
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Response by poster: Gregamell, it turns out that you are actually right. The sound is giant helicopters dropping off and picking up troops on top of the Fox Tower, as some sort of training (I hope) event. A guy in our building called the news and they told him it was a practice event, not World War Three.
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You know, I was just wondering that with the folks around here.

Thanks for sorting that out!
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I was wondering about it too. Good god, it's almost 10pm and they're still flying around out there.
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You know, the single most useful thing I've discovered about the damnportlanders group on livejournal is their amazingly sudden posts and subsequent explanations about anything going on in the portland area...I come to Metafilter for the discussion, intelligence, and wide social swath...I go to damnportlanders for whatever "that odd smell in SE Portland" is.

Earthquakes, flyovers, random street crime. Damn Portlanders'll be on it.
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