Want to go back to school for photography
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Where can I take a classroom photography course in Merrimack Valley (MA) or southern NH?

I love photography. I have some good equipment. I would like to become a great photographer but I'm not a big fan of online learning or the book learnin'.

I've checked Northern Essex Community College but it looks like all they offer is basket weaving, interpretive dance, and what appears to be an ultra basic class on how to turn on your digital camera.

I'd like something a little more involved with multiple sessions and the goal to be a much better photographer.

I'd also prefer not to drive 45 minutes to get to a class. Does anybody knows of anything around here?

Any other thoughts?

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The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester offers a number of photography classes. Here's the link to their continuing education page. Don't know if that is too far or not, but they have a good program.
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Response by poster: NHIA is a great idea but I don't know that I want a 2-year certificate course and it looks like thats all they have. Something in between a 2-hour crash course and something that required you apply and be accepted would be ideal.

Manchester isn't too far. I can handle that.
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