smallest digital recoding device
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What is the smallest digital (USB) recoding device that outputs mp3s?

I already have the Sansa Express but it only records for 2 hours (I need it to be longer) and though it is small it could be smaller. The Sansa Clip looks good but what else is there? (It is fine if the device only were a recording device but extra features would be a plus)
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Is that a hardcoded limit with the Sansa Express or just the amount of storage space available? If the latter, then the latest firmware definitely supports 4GB micro SD cards (I use this myself) and possibly higher (though I haven't tried this). So depending on the model, you can expand it to 5 or 6GB.
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I have the Sansa 4GB Clip, and I like it. Currently on sale at Costco for ~ $50. No idea what the upper limit on record time is.
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My iAudio U2 doesn't seem to have a recording time limit, has a wonderful mic and goes upto 128 kbps MP3. Only it is subject to planned obsolescence, and so you may have to go for the U3.
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