Music identification!
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Can anyone identify this piece of classical music which is featured in this video clip, it appears at the beginning and at 4:54.

I've used a few pieces of music identifying services (Shazam etc), tried to find music credits for the series all to no avail. Hive help!
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Never heard it before, but it sounds like stock production music to me. It could almost be scene-linking music for Grace & Favour or The Good Life.

There are libraries and libraries of this stuff, the aural equivalent of clip-art. It's often used, as here, for links and segues, for playing performers on and off stage for chat and variety shows and so on. Typically heard in productions where the budget allows for neither royalty fees for published music nor for having music composed to order.

Somewhere, there's a music library service containing this snippet (I''m pretty sure you've heard all there is to it in this clip) and many others by the same anonymous composer-for-hire.

Try googling "stock music", "royalty free music", "licensed music", "production music", and like that.

Here's a place to start.

BTW: yes, it has violins in it, but it's not "classical".

Good luck.
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