Hoising an M10 engine
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How do I lift an M10 engine (1976 BMW 2002)? Bonus points for suggestions on attaching it to a strand.

Thanks to craigslist I just got hold of a replacement engine for my 1976 BMW 2002, a hoist, a leveler, and a stand.
Looking at both the engine in the car and my replacement I can see where to attach a chain to the rear of the engine (cast loop by the flywheel on the intake side), but I cant work out where to attach the chain at the front.
I've read a suggestion to just loop the chain around the front pipe on the exhaust manifold, but I'm concerned if this will stress the head too much, or worse.

I've also seen a few pictures online of engines attached to stands with 3 bolts on the exhaust side of the engine. Anyone have any experience of this?

Really not sure if this question belongs in travel & transportation or sports, hobbies & recreation ...
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Best answer: You could always find something like an alternator mount bolt and hook a chain onto that. So long as the bolt you're using isn't very long, it won't bend an appreciable amount. If the manifold's cast iron, you don't need to worry about stresses - the head will take as much torque as its own weight will put upon it. Engines are basically big hunks of metal. Don't overthink this.
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Visual answer (flickr)
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Another visual answer.
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I can't remember the exact details of pulling a motor, but the bmw 2002 FAQ (esp. the forums) were unbelievably helpful with every 2002 question I ever had.
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Seconding gofargogo's recommendation of asking the 2002 FAQ. Those guys (and gals) can tell you anything you need to know and then some.

I'm also totally pumped to hear of other 02'ers on Metafilter.
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