What is this discoloration on my hand?
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I recently got a stripe of mild discoloration on my hand about a half-inch long. I am almost certain that it isn't a bruise, as it has been on my hand for about a month now. It has faded, but doesn't look like it's going to go away on its own. What caused it?

More info: I didn't burn it, didn't spill anything unusual on it, I noticed it in the middle of the week so I didn't likely get it while drinking on a weekend, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't impair movement or rotation in any way. It's on the top of my hand, below my second finger where the thumb joins the hand.
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What color? Silver nitrate (nitrite? not sure) can turn your skin brown once it's exposed to sunlight...
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Oops -- yeah, brown, not terribly dark; it kind of looks like a shadow on my hand if you just glance at it. I don't think I was handling any silver nitrate, though.
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It's common in photography stuff I believe, which is why I mentioned it, were you in a photo lab recently? :-)
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Nope. But now that you've brought up the "spilled chemical" approach, I'm tempted to go through my home/work to see if there are any unusual elements floating around the office, like a big bottle of Silver Nitrate sitting next to a bottle of hand sanitizer.
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Skin can have weird allergic reactions to all kinds of materials, especially some kinds of plastic (google "walmart flip flops" if you want to be horrified). It could easily be a mild reaction to something you were holding recently, which would go away on its own. If it gets worse or starts to hurt, you should probably see a doctor. Otherwise, I'm going to guess you're fine (and that it'll go away eventually). But who knows. Humans are weird.
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IAMNAD: It could be a tinea infection. If it looks like a fading bruise but it never seems to fade away. Is there scaling? Pretty easy to go to a doc and get some anti-fungal creme or an oral dosage to treat the infection.
Not a big deal, people with pets get them commonly. Also, if you've been in the ocean or a pool recently, that's another way to get these things.
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The combination of citrus fruits (especially lime juice) and strong sunlight can cause phytophotodermatitis. Bartenders who work outside get it a lot.
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Funny, we were just talking about the strange mark on my hand the other day. Some plants can photosensitive skin. I'm guessing that is what happened.
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I think dearest may have been referring to Tinea nigra.
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I'm so glad you asked this. I've had two marks appear recently, one on either shin. I first thought it was dirt, or a bruise, but it wouldn't wash off and it didn't hurt.

The only thing unusual that I can think of is I switched brands of spray on self-tanner (from Neutrogena to Coppertone). It's still there and that was weeks ago. It won't even scrub off (not flaky either).

Do you use self-tanner or any of the "glow" lotions?

Mine does not look like the tinea nigra above.
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No, I don't use any self-tanner or even any lotion. And the Tinea nigra is much darker and more noticeable. Thanks for the advice so far everyone.
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