Find out a listing agent after the sale?
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Is there a way to find out the real estate agent who sold a property?

The house down the street from me sold in 3 days, for way more than I would have thought was reasonable in this market. And now, 3 months later, I realize I should have grabbed her info while it was still posted outside the house! Is there a way I can get that information now, without asking the new owners? (If I have to ask them, I will...)
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If it was on MLS, any Realtor in that area will be able to find the names of all involved in the transaction. If you don't have someone that can help you try calling a local office and ask for the information - you might even consider working with the person that goes out of their way to help you out.
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You may have done this already, but sometimes a simple Google search of the property's address will bring up the listing broker, since many brokers include in their public online bios a list of properties they have sold.
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Is there a way to find out the real estate agent who sold a property?

If you want to do this so the agent who listed that house can list your house, what you want is the agent who listed the property, not the agent who sold it. Follow the advice above to find them.

DonĀ“t expect your house to sell in 3 days just because you use the same broker.
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Oh, and it is possible the listing and selling agent could be the same person, but this would be unusual.
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