Boston Filter: Help me get a cute haircut.
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BostonFilter: Where can I get a cute, reasonably priced haircut in Boston?

I'm kinda new in these parts and I need a haircut. I'd like to have recommendations first, so I don't just walk into a salon and end up paying a huge chunk of cash to end up looking like a springer spaniel.

I'd like to pay <$100. I don't know how much haircuts go for in these parts, I was paying ~$45 in Providence. Clearly, I am not looking for a recommendation to Super Cuts.

I'm in the Back Bay area and willing to trek to the ends of the Green Line (or anywhere else on the T) to obtain cute hair!

(I saw the recent post for a poster with wavy hair. My hair is stick straight, fine, and about chin length. I'm not looking for a new style - I've been rocking a short asymmetrical bob for a few years and it's just peachy. I just need it to look more intentional and less like I just fell asleep in a pile of hay.)
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I really like Liquid Hair Studios in the South End.
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Julie at James Joseph Studio. I have straight, fine hair too, and she does a great job with it.
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I used to go to Le Gala salon in Chinatown. Jimmy or Ling are both really good. Almost all the customers are asian, but I'm white and blond and male and they didn't seem to have any problems. Kind of funny cool place, around $30 and the best scalp massage on the planet.
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Seconding James Joseph Studio, although I've heard good things about Liquid. James Joseph Studio is right by Copley station, and sort of the training ground for the more highly-priced James Joseph Salon. So I always figure it's a good deal. Cuts usually run me $60-$65, tip included. If you color, I think it's easy to push the $200 range, even at the studio.
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Four of my wife's friends get their hair cut at Dellaria on Comm Ave off Kenmore (Green Line B), based on the results that my wife got there. She herself no longer patronizes it because we've moved away from convenient Green Line access. It cost her like 60 bucks with tip.
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Cuts are a little more here than in Providence--$50 to $70 is the norm at nice-but-not-super-upscale places.

If you're willing to take the Green Line out into the wilds, HC Studio in Brookline (across the street from the Brookline Village T stop) is probably more in the Providence price range, and they do a great job.
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jessica sharkey at michael's salon in coolidge corner in brookline (C train, green line) does a great job, and i believe she charges $40. i love her.
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In the b0st0n Livejournal community, pretty much every hair recommendation is for Liquid or Judy Jetson, however it seems that a large portion of Liquid's staff has moved to Escape in the South End.
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Response by poster: Liquid is very near where I work, so I may have to check it out. I definitely wanted some opinions before walking into a salon with my dignity at stake. Nothing worse than a bad haircut.

Sidhedevil: Oh, I know it's going to be more expensive here. As I noted, I'm willing to pay up to $100, so trekking out to East Nowhere in the name of saving a few bucks isn't really where I'm at, though I am willing to trek out to the Wilds of Brookline in the name of a good haircut!
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I've had good cuts at Judy Jetson, as well as at Pyara in Harvard Square (which is my current salon of choice).
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I ended up going to James Joseph Salon. I saw Christina, who charges $65. I got THE BEST haircut ever. (photo 1, photo 2). They offer a referral discount, so anyone who wants 20% off let me know and I'll give you her number. Mention my name and you get 20% off and I get 20% off next time I go!

Really, really awesome and thanks for all the recommendations :)
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For future reference, is helpful.
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