I want cool shirts!
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Where can I get some cool men's shirts?

I've collected a few shirts I consider really cool and interesting, and I want more. I have a lot of regular work shirts, short-sleeved button-downs in conservative colors, etc., but I want a few more items that pop. Unfortunately, they're few and far between, usually the result of a thrift store run. Items I consider interesting include:

A DKNY faux-army shirt with tattered patches and grid-textured fabric.

A green dress shirt with faux double- collar and cuffs, and a giant friggin' silkscreen of a statue of Mercury on the front.

A black pullover made of a stiff textured fabric.

I'm interested in shirts with textured materials, or interesting construction (like reversed seams, frayed edges, etc.), or uncommon fasteners (buckles, laces, etc.). I'd also be interested in other interesting quirks of design and construction; preferably at reasonable prices.
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I have a few reversed seam/frayed edge shirts from last year's collection of seven diamond (here their current selection at nordstrom, by no means all 7 diamonds has but probably easiest to access for you) and they might just fit your bill. a lot of their stuff is positively flamboyant and cut rather short/tight around the waistline, which I suspect is what you are interesting in since you like donna karen's work.

you might want to check out this black-on-black embroidered shirt or perhaps this textured shirt.
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I like Macy's INC line.
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English Laundry. Do an eBay search for that brand to save some $$.
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I tend to cruise Nordstrom Rack for interesting shirts for less than full price. I've picked up a few really cool Ben Sherman shirts there as well as other labels I hadn't run across before.
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Robert Graham.
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Yes Style's men's department sells some interesting stuff. Also some completely ridiculous stuff. But since it's Asian clothing lines, it's all pretty different and for the most part cool (and not stuff you'd necessarily find here). Shipping is pricey ($14 to the U.S.) and orders can take a while but I've had good luck with them (I'm a woman, though). May be worth a look.
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I've read about making your own design using bleach but didn't try it yet.
That could let you get as creative as you want!
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Well that's a bad link. this is a web community all about stencils
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Response by poster: Stencils are cool. Anything in the way of textures and stuff, too?
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Wrath Arcane has some interesting shirts.
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