How to make a theme from all of these numbers?
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My nephews have some numerically coincidental birthdays coming up, anyone have any clever ideas that we can use for the occasion?

My sister has given me the task of coming up with a clever way of emphasizing the numbers involved with her sons' birthdays.

-One will be 5 on 11-3-08
-The other will be 3 on 11-5-08
-To further the number madness, their party is going to be held on 11-08-08.

My sister wants me to come up with a theme or invitation design - or both. The only specific instruction was that she wanted it make a point of the once in a life-time coincidence of all of the numbers involved.

Bonus info - the boys are very much into Thomas the Tank Engine and Disney's Cars, which they refer to only as "Lightening McQueen."

Mathematical hive mind, Help me be more clever than I am!
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Can they tell time yet? I imagine the three year old cannot. But you could start the party at 11:08:08.
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Best answer: Thomas the Tank Engine and friends have numbers on the sides of their engines.

Unfortunately, I can't find any that have 3, 5, 8 or 11. But! You could use those engines as the basis for your design and add new engines with those numbers. Or put numbers on the sides of the cars that they pull.

Lucky numbers party with games that are based on lucky numbers, fortune tellers, etc. Visually you could draw it up and decorate vintage, like Zoltar or the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Games would involve prizes for anyone finding 3s, 5s, 8s or 11s. Magician for the littles.

The Count from Sesame Street?
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Best answer: See Thomas the Tank Engine numbers here.
Henry is 3
James is 5
Duck is 8
Oliver is 11.
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I stand corrected! Thanks rocket88!
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Response by poster: Neither can really tell time yet... but I would think it was cool...

Nice ideas otherwise, keep them coming please!
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Response by poster: They're going with the train idea, as well as another factor which I hadn't noticed.


One will be five, one will be three - they were born on the 3rd and the 5th, party on the 8th.
Must be kismet...or something.

Thanks to all!
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