Help me house myself on Corsica
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Where is there to stay on Corsica?

I'm looking for a place that can play host to two english- and french-ish-speaking people from Sept 12 to 18. No, this isn't explicitly a request for lodging, it's a request for information on how to get lodging (although if a mefite has a B&B in Calvi or Ajaccio I wouldn't say no). Specifically we're looking for (as you may have guessed) somewhere in either Calvi or Ajaccio. We're looking for somewhere in the 50-90€ range, near the coast.
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Response by poster: That site is a bit poor; there's at least one hotel we've looked at that claimed to be in Calvi, and yet was located in the mainland alps. Not so useful.

Which is not to say I don't appreciate the suggestion. I'm just hoping to get someone close to the action, so to speak, who can help us out. I'm starting to fear they're all booked up.
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Response by poster: To anyone popping in; I've been successful, so worry not.
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Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! I've had great success with TripAdvisor before...maybe "Corsica" is just too big a region. Have a great trip!
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