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Are there any children's fashion/apparel magazines?

I am looking for English-language magazines that are about the children's fashion industry, not like, parenting magazines that have fashion features. The magazines will be used by college students in fashion marketing classes.

Bambini Collezioni is an example of what I am looking for, but are there others that you know of?
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The most recent J. Crew catalogue has a children's section, if that helps.
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Best answer:
In Australia there is Studio Bambini
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PV and Texworld (Paris) are coming up fairly soon. If you're not going ask someone to look out for European mags at the giveaway sections or the pay-for-my-overpriced-stuff sections. I seem to recall picking up some good mags when we were launching an upmarket kiddies line about 8 years ago.
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Cookie ?
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