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January 13

"Removed from Command": National Guard Question

So, Major General Errol Schwartz of the DC National Guard will be "removed from command" by order of the president at 12:01 PM on Inauguration Day. The Washington Post says, "As is customary, Schwartz, like other presidential appointees, submitted a letter of resignation to give the new administration a clean start." [more inside]
posted by scratch at 4:41 PM - 10 answers

Get me out of the Mid-Atlantic

I'm done with where I live. So very done for so very long. Fingers crossed I'll have the funds to make a real move sometime this spring/summer. I have a dear friend who is also planning on leaving the area. [more inside]
posted by Archipelago at 4:19 PM - 17 answers

Help me understand imputed income for a domestic partner's insurance

I think I made a bad decision out of ignorance of the consequences of adding my domestic partner to my health insurance coverage in NYC. I am in potentially big financial trouble because of this, but before I deal with it, I want to make sure I understand what's going on. Can you help me understand how a very low premium has turned into an enormous chunk out of my paycheck--and what happens when I file my tax returns? [more inside]
posted by scarylarry at 11:10 AM - 14 answers

The office is making me sick. Where to next?

Office life just isn't working out for me. For health reasons, I need to find an environment that's going to suit me better. Where can I look for an alternative, such as non-office environments, remote working or more flexible working? [more inside]
posted by winterhill at 10:53 AM - 13 answers

Best city for a single middle-aged gay man

Single, about to be unemployed, middle-aged gay man with no obligations. I can move anywhere, do anything. I could use a list of great places. [more inside]
posted by Classic Diner at 9:27 AM - 17 answers

January 12

How to job search for a job when most jobs bore me?

I don't know how to find a job that doesn't drive me insane with boredom. I also don't have a "passion" that can actually translate into a job... [more inside]
posted by galaxypeachtea at 11:08 AM - 21 answers

How to ask "why wasn't I assigned this project?"

I started a new (web/software development) job in October. Recently a small-ish project was assigned to another employee (with admittedly less experience than I in the chosen framework), on which I would have enjoyed working. Is it possible to constructively ask for an explanation about why I wasn't chosen for this project? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:16 AM - 8 answers

Just quit a bad job--should I keep it on my resume?

I left my job after 4 months, unhappy with my work and my boss. I need help deciding whether or not to keep this job on my resume. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:16 AM - 6 answers

January 11

Does "Encl: resume" belong on cover letters anymore?

When I'm electronically submitting (either through email or an ATS) a cover letter as part of a combined document with a resume, do I really need to add "Encl: resume" or similar at the end of the cover letter? Is this an outdated convention that only makes sense when you're mailing or faxing seperate documents? [more inside]
posted by blerghamot at 5:49 PM - 10 answers

Using a recruiter and running out of references

I am currently undergoing a job search and it's almost been 2 years! I work full-time but I just need a change in scenery. I have 3 references, 2 former managers and 1 coworker, but one of my references has not been responding to my emails. I give email updates on my job search but I don't hear anything back from him. My fear is that if a company calls him and he doesn't pick up. Anyway, that leaves me with only 2 references. So instead of doing the job search myself, I was thinking of using a recruiter from a staffing agency to help me find a job, because I have the notion that recruiters at staffing agencies are not really thorough in checking references and they don't require that many (I think I can get by with 2 references); and since they are a third-party, the company that I am interviewing for will rely on the recruiter for all the screening work. Has this been everyone's experience in dealing with recruiters? Typically, the company using a recruiter will not conduct the background / reference check themselves because the recruiter is doing it for them, is this correct?
posted by four_suyu at 3:49 PM - 10 answers

Accountant in Ithaca

Small business owner in NH until mid 2016. Then moved to NYS. Never filed 2015 taxes (filed extension). Realizing that it is just too much for me do. I'm organized and very small scale (gross sales less than 85k). Any recommendations for accountants in Ithaca NY who have the time and space to finish my 2015 AND 2016 taxes as soon as possible?
posted by danep at 9:17 AM - 1 answers

Where to put my savings money?

I currently have: -- Ally Online Savings Account -- Betterment Individual Account -- Simple IRA (from work) [more inside]
posted by Junocular at 7:04 AM - 11 answers

January 10

Should I take a crappy job in a city I love, or hold out for better?

I am job hunting in my niche field, should I take a unrelated, crappy job in the city I want to live in or wait out for something better? [more inside]
posted by the offing at 6:27 PM - 7 answers

What's the deal with remote jobs?

My life change and impending move has meant I have to figure out all over again where to work and what to do. [more inside]
posted by shesbenevolent at 7:01 AM - 10 answers

"We're so excited for you! ... Wait, you want our tax returns?!"

I've been accepted to graduate schools, but my parents won't provide me with their financial information — which, unfortunately, is required for me to apply for need-based financial aid. What to do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:11 AM - 34 answers

Recommendation for California CPA or tax preparer for late filings

I've had some complicated tax wranglings. Any recommendations for a good CPA in San Francisco Bay Area who works fast and can help me untangle this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:11 AM - 4 answers

How can I sell myself on learning the skills to do office administration

I haven't worked in a long time due to my disability (bipolar) and also many years when I was a caregiver. I live in a city (Glasgow, Scotland) which is great for music and low cost of living, but quite hard to find jobs in outside of bar work and call centres. I have been working with a careers advisor from a mental health charity and we agree that me updating my skills in Microsoft Office would open a way to doing office admin or data entry work, which I could do for maybe 8-10 hours a week while managing my disability and trying to improve my health. Yet my skills are all in English and with words, and although not unintelligent I seem to have blocks about learning Office and resistance to it. How can I reframe this learning task so that I stop resisting it, embrace it, and start getting some office admin experience for my resume? [more inside]
posted by AuroraSky at 1:09 AM - 12 answers

January 9

Looking for newbie advice on applying for State Department/federal jobs

Just looking for an understanding on how to get these jobs, or whether it is even accessible without further schooling. [more inside]
posted by constantinescharity at 7:17 PM - 8 answers

Remedial Maths for IRA Calculation

How do you mathematically calculate the value of an IRA -- sub question, how often does interest on an IRA accrue? [more inside]
posted by alan at 1:31 PM - 7 answers

Must I wait for my SSA-1099 if my return is identical to last year's?

My tax situation, including income, is identical this year and last down to the penny. I'd like to file ASAP to use a refund for a time-sensitive car repair. Must I wait?
posted by R2WeTwo at 10:05 AM - 8 answers

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