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September 6

External monitor brightness control

External monitor: can I force its brightness to actual zero without powering it off? (That is, without losing its window positions?) [more inside]
posted by kalapierson at 6:33 AM - 8 answers

September 5

Does this explanation of a website malware fix make sense?

Our website had the problem where if you search for it on Google, the results description on the Google search results page referred to Cialis and Viagra links. Clicking on these results takes you successfully to our website, and no Cialis or Viagra junk is visible on the actual site. The problem was only visible from the Google search results page. Can someone tell me if this explanation of the problem and solution makes any sense. (It seems to me that this description is certainly describing a problem, but I'm not sure it's related to the symptoms above.) [more inside]
posted by lockedroomguy at 7:18 AM - 7 answers

September 4

Headset with mic MacBook Pro (2016) — preferably using headphone jack

Hiya. I'm looking to buy a comfortable headset with mic to use with a MacBook Pro. Ideally these would connect to the headphone output and just work, but I'm confused about requirements. [more inside]
posted by nthdegx at 2:07 AM - 4 answers

September 3

Why does only tile see my phone?

I lost my phone at IKEA yesterday. Find my iPhone says it's been offline since the moment I realized, but the tile app keeps saying it sees it every ~15 minutes. Huh? What could this mean? Is there any hope? [more inside]
posted by mosst at 5:54 AM - 11 answers

September 2

Google drive: mass/bulk undo/revert moves/deletions from shared folder?

Asking for the good lady researcher her indoors: is there any way to bulk undo recent moves or deletions from shared folders on Google Drive? [more inside]
posted by Dext at 3:50 PM - 2 answers

August 31

Could this system go online? Mailing checks for cash donations

I volunteer for an organization where, at the end of providing a free service, we ask people if they'd like to donate (cash) to the organization. (The tips don't go to us, they go to the organization.) Then we mail a check, for the equivalent of the cash, to the nonprofit. Is there an easy way to do this online that would have the necessary documentation attached? [more inside]
posted by rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvicto at 5:40 PM - 1 answers

August 30

What's a better name for my Alexa to avoid accidental activation?

Basically saying "Alexa" for my Amazon Alexa apparently sounds a lot like other things I say. And other people say. And the TV says. So I want to rename her into something less prone to accidentally being said or it's soundalike. I was thinking of Elwood but then thought about how many times I say the word "hell" and "would" every day. So that's out. Others I came up with had the same problem. But there has to be a perfect name just like Orange has a perfect inability to rhyme. What is it?
posted by rileyray3000 at 11:15 AM - 10 answers

August 29

What's up with our water heater?

We have a swimming pool, which has a gas-powered water heater. Until fairly recently, it seemed to be working well, we'd just turn it on a while before we wanted to use the pool. Now, the pilot light seems to go out with fairly regular consistency, and my mom has noticed a "foomf!," sound every so often, as if something is blocking the gas flow, or maybe the gas just turns off and on for some reason? [more inside]
posted by Alensin at 9:16 AM - 5 answers

Will iPhone security be pointless with facial recognition?

So it seems like facial recognition is all the rage with the new upcoming smart phones. Wont't that absolutely destroy any ability to decline to unlock your phone in the case of police stops? [more inside]
posted by rtimmel at 7:53 AM - 8 answers

August 28

Online Memorial tool?

Have you used an online Memorial tool to put together a memorial for a loved one? [more inside]
posted by klausman at 5:39 PM - 2 answers

Are there companies that are experts in digitizing pages of numbers?

We have many physical volumes of public international census data we'd like to scan and OCR with high quality. Is there anyone out there occupying that niche? [more inside]
posted by mcstayinskool at 1:14 PM - 5 answers

August 27

The purple French tail lights and thirty inch fins are next

I'm looking for some help on connecting a new cable to my car stereo so I can charge my phone. [more inside]
posted by sacrifix at 12:22 PM - 1 answers

August 24

Looking for an all-in-one typewriter/word processor/printer for office

I'm a doctor in an office that still uses paper charts. My handwriting is horrible and, despite my pleas, we won't be converting to an electronic record until after the older partners retire. I'm looking for a device on which I can type and quickly print text that can be taped into the paper chart, almost like a label maker or old-school word processor. Ideally, it would print on a 8.5" x 2" strip of regular paper (not a plastic label), but full pages would be ok too. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks!
posted by Fritzle at 12:58 PM - 11 answers

Is there a way to see what Twitter client someone tweeted from?

Way back when Twitter used to display what client someone tweeted from, but that's no longer the case. I believe this information is available via the Twitter API, but for us layfolk is there an easy (ideally web-based) way to find this out for a given tweet?
posted by bdk3clash at 10:50 AM - 3 answers

August 22

iPhone switcheroo guidance, please

I currently have a working iPhone 5c, which I would like to transfer to Mr Jane, as he has decided to finally ditch his old flip phone. My plan is to buy a used iPhone SE, from Swappa or Gazelle, for myself, based on this previous ask. We have a shared plan with both phones on AT&T. Is it just a matter of taking the phones to the ATT store and having them reprogram the numbers/switch the SIM cards or whatever voodoo magic they perform? Please explain it to me like I am 5 years old.
posted by sarajane at 8:41 AM - 5 answers

Best Handheld System For Retro Game Emulation?

I'm looking to get a handheld system for retro video game emulation and am wondering if anyone has any advice on what to get. [more inside]
posted by Sangermaine at 8:37 AM - 4 answers

August 18

How do you merge personal videos into one video?

I have an I-phone 6 and I want to merge some videos into one video. Would it be easier to download an app and merge the videos on my phone? Or is it easier to download each video separately onto my computer and then use a computer program to do it? The easier the better, as I am not computer savvy, and if you have any names of apps or programs that you specifically know of, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
posted by lynnie-the-pooh at 3:09 PM - 3 answers

August 16

I understand why this happens and what to do. Browser caching woe.

Sometimes when someone goes to one of our older websites they get say yesterday’s image and wonder what’s up -- why does it look wrong. I explain that it “cached” and that they should refresh their browser or manually clear it. All’s fine – that works. They see the image that was loaded today. [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 10:17 AM - 7 answers

August 15

What's a good value in a basic display calibrator?

So I just ordered a new laptop, and I know I'm going to want to calibrate the display right off the bat. However, I know absolutely nothing about display calibration tools in 2017. What should I get? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 9:11 PM - 6 answers

Problem with close-up photos showing light/dark banding pattern

I use my iPhone to take close-up photos. When I swapped-out my old incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, I started seeing light/dark bands (stripes) on the photos. How do I fix this problem? [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 9:43 AM - 17 answers

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