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October 13

Looking for attorney time tracking/invoice generating software.

Right now all time tracking and invoice generating is done by hand. This will not do. I think eBillity would work, but looking for other suggestions - specifics within. [more inside]
posted by Lucinda at 10:28 AM - 10 answers

October 10

In what way is Android Device Manager wrong about my phone?

Android device manager claims that my phone is somewhere in my house. But when I tell it to ring my phone at full volume, it claims that it's doing so, and then...nothing. My house is small. I have searched it from top to bottom, while the ringer should theoretically be sounding. I hear nothing. Which is more likely to be malfunctioning - the locator or the ringer? [more inside]
posted by pretentious illiterate at 6:27 PM - 6 answers

October 9

Computing for preppers

Reading more dire climate change posts made me idly wonder: what could one build or buy today that would still be usable as a general-purpose computing device in 100 years? What about 1000 years? [more inside]
posted by doiheartwentyone at 12:18 PM - 20 answers

eBook App to replace Bluefire

I currently use the Bluefire reading app on my Android device, but it has two problems that make me want to kill it with the fire of a thousand suns and two other minor problems that only make me want to maim it a bit with a yellow flame, so I am looking for a replacement that does good things it does and doesn't do bad things it does. [more inside]
posted by jacquilynne at 8:59 AM - 7 answers

October 7

How can I best forward my apartment buzzer?

How can I best forward my apartment buzzer? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 9:04 PM - 8 answers

Need new options for home phone system

We are doing some remodeling and my wife is not happy with the old wall mounted phone we have in the kitchen. Since we have Xfinity Voice, I bet there are some options out there I'm not thinking of. [more inside]
posted by Rad_Boy at 10:42 AM - 2 answers

Time tracking for a multitasker

I'm having trouble tracking where my day is going. I've had a lot of success with pomodoro on the days when my schedule is well defined, however other days time just seems to disappear. I know I'm working and doing productive things, I just want a better record of it. Start/stop timer based approach doesn't work for me. What are some other things I could try? [more inside]
posted by aeighty at 10:23 AM - 11 answers

Earbud cables: Insulating plastic coming off

Hi. I want to know if this is dangerous, how, and what alternatives there are. [more inside]
posted by noelpratt2nd at 8:07 AM - 16 answers

October 6

math/geometry/construction query!

Suppose you have to install new moulding in a house. Suppose also that it's a huge house with many rooms large and small, and many windows of different size. This means that you end up needing many different lengths of wood... [more inside]
posted by Rich Smorgasbord at 7:59 PM - 14 answers

Sharpies on a DVD collection?

Problem: several thousand DVDs in storage boxes and limited room in the movie bookcase. Solution: Vaultz CD wallets, which I've used for my music collection for many years with good results. New problem: how to transfer data onto the DVD discs before sending the original plastic holders into the attic for storage? [more inside]
posted by TrishaU at 6:35 PM - 8 answers

October 5

Best unlocked cheap phone available at Walmart?

I'm traveling, and my phone is dead. What is the cheapest, best unlocked phone I can get tomorrow morning at a brick-and-mortar Walmart that will work with Consumer Cellular? [more inside]
posted by susanvance at 8:31 PM - 9 answers

Engineering technician job with A.S in engineering science ?

Can you get a job as an engineering technician with an A.S. in engineering science? I was studying mechanical engineering (towards a B.S. but I got my A.S. first then transferred and stayed for two semesters) and may pick it back up in the future but right now want to take a break from school and start working. [more inside]
posted by SArcher at 3:25 PM - 5 answers

Object to track hours?

A few weeks ago I came across a couple of different websites about objects with motion sensors inside them that sit on your desk. You could write the names of projects on various sides of the thinger. As you put hours into a project, you rotated the whatchamacallit so that the side corresponding to that project was upright, and the motion sensor kept track of the time that side was upright, so you'd basically have a toy that tracked project hours. I can't find the websites now. [more inside]
posted by telophase at 11:10 AM - 3 answers

October 3

How far does "IT" extend?

Make me seem less dumb. Do these fall under the designation of IT? [more inside]
posted by LonnieK at 9:35 AM - 19 answers

October 2

Help! Don't want to get burned in buying LED work lighting.

Looking for recommendations of LED worksite / construction lighting. The halogens are too hot, break when jostled, &c. I'm wary of the cheap LED brands out there. Premature failure due to poor design and driver electronics can make using LEDs a false economy. Willing to convert LED floodlights if you have recommendations for those.
posted by Glomar response at 12:54 PM - 4 answers

October 1

My laptop keyboard is slowly dying. Help?

I've been using a laptop for a little over four years now (started Win7, is currently Win10; problems persisted throughout) and it has the strangest issues that have popped up over the years, which each on their own is a cute quirk, but all together is gradually making my computer unusable. Help? [more inside]
posted by brecc at 12:27 PM - 6 answers

Repair stripped screw holes in my bamboo sunglasses.

I own a pair of bamboo wood sunglasses. Both of the screws that hold the hinges in place on the rim have come loose from the wood, and the threaded holes on the rim aren't threaded anymore and they screws are not really screwed in anymore, just sort of stuck into them. How can I tighten them up? [more inside]
posted by signal at 7:20 AM - 15 answers

September 29

How to stream audio to a Raspberry Pi from Windows?

I want to set up my home stereo to stream music from my Windows box to a Raspberry Pi, which is then hooked up to my receiver. I think I have all the necessary parts, but what software do I use in which configuration to get it to work - MPD, or something else? More details inside. [more inside]
posted by gchucky at 9:03 PM - 5 answers

Brain the size of a planet, and you want me to play "Louie, Louie"

Is there an Android mp3 player that can crossfade songs without fading-in the incoming track? [more inside]
posted by Devoidoid at 8:45 AM - 2 answers

USA text message number that I can receive overseas (and verifies)

I moved to another country but often need to do 2-step verification with my old American website accounts. The trouble is, these systems insist on my providing some (###)###-#### number but I don't have one anymore, so I have to have a text sent to my dad in the States and call him up. Is there a service that will let me sign up to receive text messages in the US, read them online, but (key thing) also pass verification? [more inside]
posted by johngoren at 7:54 AM - 12 answers

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