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Unsupportive grandparents of a transgender child

My oldest child, age 12, has recently come out as transgender. We are trying to show her our unconditional support, but her grandparents are unlikely to be as supportive. Suggestions for coping? Difficulty: Asian and Catholic. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 15, 2015 - 22 answers

I Want You to Want Me

Is this some sort of mid-life crisis, a hormone thing, or both? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 1, 2014 - 12 answers

Dealing with Unruly Youth

I was harassed by some teenagers on the street and kicked one of them, how could I have handled this better? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 6, 2011 - 85 answers


Failedpolyamoryfilter: Help! I care for two people and I have to choose between them. What does one base a decision like this on? How do I tackle this situation? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 4, 2010 - 26 answers

How young is too young to get snipped?

At what age is it reasonable to consider a vasectomy? (NWS?) [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Sep 8, 2009 - 28 answers

What do I do now?

I'm not even thirty and the sex is terrible. Am I the only person with this problem and what should I do about it? Apologies, there is... [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 28, 2007 - 11 answers

“Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man.”

I'm 22, female, and caucasian. I (try to) wear sunscreen every day. I use self tanner instead of tanning beds. What else do I need to be doing to keep myself looking young? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 28, 2005 - 39 answers

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