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Can't boil it, can't bleach it - how should I de-cootie-fy my swimsuit?

I bought a second-hand swimsuit. I know, ew, but I'm on a budget and this suit fits much, much better than anything I could afford to buy new. It looks and smells clean and seems very lightly worn. What's the best way to to wash/sterilise it so as to a) not catch anything gross and b) not feel so squicky about putting it on? [more inside]
posted by embrangled on Dec 29, 2009 - 19 answers

There is probably nothing that a bear so dislikes as a good wash.

So, my one year old son has a bear that needs a bath. [more inside]
posted by zizzle on Dec 15, 2009 - 12 answers

My clothes will thank you.

I am clueless in the laundry room. I know nothing about stain removal and very little about sorting, what settings to use on my washer, what needs to air-dry, how to prevent things from shrinking, etc. Teach me how to do laundry like a grownup! [more inside]
posted by beandip on Sep 19, 2009 - 30 answers

$600-ish front loading washer, or $350 top loader?

Is there some practically compelling reason to get a much more expensive front loading washer? I see top loading Energy Star rated washers for around $350; the cheapest front loader starts around $600. [more inside]
posted by raikkohamilonso on Sep 17, 2009 - 34 answers

Washing Machine: Boom!

Was that a helicopter in my kitchen? No. It was the washing machine. Um. Help? [more inside]
posted by greekphilosophy on Apr 1, 2009 - 11 answers

How to not shrink 100% cotton American Apparel T's

I've only found help on how to Shrink stuff, not how to avoid it. So the American Apparel medium t-shirts are too big for me even after a wash, but their small shirts are perfect pre-wash. They are 100% cotton and I'm wondering what I can do to not have them shrink at all. Can I hand wash them gently with detergent and then hang dry? Any experience or anecdotes would be great!
posted by huxley on Feb 24, 2009 - 6 answers

I'd like to pay less money for clean clothes

Does anyone know details of the Energy Star rebate in the Stimulus bill? I was going to buy a new washing machine today, but I'm wondering if my purchase would count if the bill isn't signed yet. And knowing how much the rebate would be may make a difference in the model I pick.
posted by saffry on Feb 14, 2009 - 3 answers

Noisy shower pump in dead of night

Why is my shower pump suddenly starting up when the shower is off but hot water is used elsewhere? Can it be stopped? [more inside]
posted by tulipwool on Feb 8, 2009 - 3 answers

Help me fix my washing machine!

Washing Machine troubleshooting fun! Sometimes-not-working-pump! [more inside]
posted by sdis on Jan 12, 2009 - 3 answers

You spin me right round baby right round

Recommendations needed for stackable, energy saver, low water washing machine/dryer combo [more inside]
posted by spicynuts on Sep 30, 2008 - 11 answers

My roommate/friend has no idea how to wash dishes, but he thinks he does, and I'm worried for my health!

My roommate/friend has no idea how to wash dishes, but he thinks he does, and I'm worried for my health! [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Sep 26, 2008 - 59 answers

How to remove restaurant smells from clothing?

How do I remove awful, greasy restaurant smells from my clothing? I work eight hours a day at a small, enclosed cafe. I come home smelling of this particular mixture of grease and cafe food (not in a delicious way). It comes off of me in the shower--but after eight months of this the smell seems to be inexorably attached to my clothing. How do I get rid of it? [more inside]
posted by schroedinger on Sep 3, 2008 - 23 answers

How to fix a leaky washing machine?

HandymanFilter: How can I stop my washing machine from leaking? (Pictures and Video included) [more inside]
posted by charlesroper on Sep 3, 2008 - 17 answers

Surge protect a washer?

Do I need a surge protector for my new washer? [more inside]
posted by Marky on Jun 4, 2008 - 5 answers

communal apartment laundries...making you hate laundry even more since 2008

The communal washing machines in my apartment building are worthless. They don't remove any sort of stain or spill, regardless of solubility or severity. When I remove the wet clothes from the washer, nasty stripes and splotches of lint cover my clothes (especially obvious on darks). Is there a specific complaint I can make to my landlord, or should I just give up and go to a laundromat? [more inside]
posted by sararah on May 9, 2008 - 18 answers

How can I wash a furry toy without ruining it?

My daughter has a stuffed kitten ("soft kitty") and lo, the whiteness and furriness of it is surpassing. When I washed its predecessor ("matted kitty") its fur became less-white and the fibres less separate. How can I wash the new one (whose odor doth verily surpass an outhouse) while retaining its new appearance? The fur is synthetic and the animal is a white "Animal Alley" kitten, if that helps.
posted by Joe in Australia on Dec 15, 2007 - 19 answers


A question to help resolve an argument: Can not using soap on your body result in negative consequences? [more inside]
posted by smartless on Nov 29, 2007 - 44 answers

Looking for cleaner in Wimbledon

Searching for good household cleaner for Wimbledon (SW19), London [more inside]
posted by kiwi.es on Nov 10, 2007 - 2 answers

Front loading washing machine purchasing advice

I need to purchase a new washing machine and I am considering a front loader but I need some advice. [more inside]
posted by bluesky43 on Aug 7, 2007 - 36 answers

Well, that was dumb.

I put a roll of film in the washing machine (by accident). Is it destroyed? [more inside]
posted by lou on Jul 28, 2007 - 12 answers

How to wash satin?

Hi, I recently had some pyjamas made for me when I was in Vietnam. They are made of satin. How do you wash satin?
posted by yak sox on Feb 8, 2007 - 9 answers

Washing Machine and Dryer

Please give advice on a purchasing a new washing machine and dryer. [more inside]
posted by catseatcheese on Aug 9, 2006 - 14 answers

Get my whites back to whiter than white!

A treasured white T-shirt (with logo) has gone from bright white to dull blue thanks to an errant blue T-shirt... [more inside]
posted by badlydubbedboy on Aug 8, 2006 - 6 answers

How do I wash my shoes?

How should I wash these shoes? [more inside]
posted by BradNelson on Jul 31, 2006 - 2 answers

So I got scratches on my car from going to the cheap car wash. Is there some sort of miracle cream to apply to take care of them?

What's the name of that stuff that you rub into your paint job that gets rid of the little scratches inflicted from car wash rags?
posted by rileyray3000 on Jun 30, 2006 - 9 answers

Fading clothes mystery

Why are my darks fading? Is it the washer, dryer, temperature, detergent??? [more inside]
posted by traderjoefan on Mar 15, 2006 - 16 answers

How often should a girl wash her hair?

How often should a girl wash her hair? [more inside]
posted by pracowity on Nov 26, 2005 - 22 answers

Washing on the Job

Do you wash up in the bathroom at work before going home? [more inside]
posted by Secret Life of Gravy on Nov 8, 2005 - 28 answers

Damping vibrations from a washing machine's spin cycle

My washing machine's spin and dry cycles shake the whole house. The neighbours have now complained. Does anyone have any good ideas or experience of damping vibration, particularly in the case of a washing machine? I was thinking of putting a blanket under the machine but I'm not sure how effective that will be. Suggestions welcome! [more inside]
posted by nthdegx on Nov 4, 2005 - 16 answers

How do I clean my stinky shoes?

Smelly Shoes: I wore my favorite pair of shoes to one of the hottest, most humid 7 weeks of Vermont summer in recorded history this year, and my shoes stink. I've tried spraying them full of Odor-Eaters spray powder (With Zorbitex™!) and leaving them alone for a while, and while they smell fine when left alone, they reek after an hour or so of use. Can I exorcise these shoes, or do I need to dump them? How do you tell if a pair of shoes is OK to wash in a washing machine? [more inside]
posted by sirion on Aug 25, 2005 - 19 answers

To lint or not to lint -

Maybe this should be titled 'To de-lint or not to de-lint.' My Dad is living with me for a few weeks and we've had some heated discussions about dryer lint. In the interest of peace (and the possibility of not having to do any dishes for a week) - please share your knowledge or opinion. [more inside]
posted by LadyBonita on Mar 18, 2005 - 39 answers

Can I hand wash 'dry clean only' wool pants?

I've got several pairs of lightweight wool dress pants from Ann Taylor. They are marked dry clean only. Suppose I hand-wash these pants in cold water and lay them flat on a towel to air-dry. Will the laundry gods punish my impudence?
posted by naomi on Feb 14, 2005 - 12 answers

Why can't we use bleach on white cotton?

My wife and I threw away all our multi-colored towels and replaced them with white ones. We did this so that we could throw them in the wash with some bleach and get them really really clean. The new towels are 100% cotton. When we looked at the tags, we were surprised to see a "DO NOT USE BLEACH" warning. Why can't we use bleach? That's the whole reason we bought them. I've never heard of that warning before on white cotton items. If it makes any difference, they come from The Company Store.
posted by grumblebee on Feb 3, 2005 - 32 answers

Removing cloudy film from pots and pans?

BachelorFilter: The outside of my once nice and pristine pots and pans have developed a "cloudy" film on the outsides, despite (or in spite of) repeated washings, sort of like soap scum. Is this happening because of the tap water I'm washing them in? The soap? How can I remove the film and return the pots to their normal black appearance? (the film seems to "disappear" temporarily during the wash, but reappears once dried.
posted by robbie01 on Nov 23, 2004 - 9 answers

Collar Stains

Clothing stain filter: In addition to t-shirts, I have a number of shirts with a regular collar (non-button down). After I wear them for a while, EVERY ONE of them gets this little kind of brownish stain at in the front where the collar comes to a point. It looks kind of like rust. These stains are *really* hard to remove, and resistant to most stain removers. There are no similar stains anywhere on the shirt.

But my question is - what the heck is that stain? Where does it come from? Is it just me? Or is this a problem that all people who wear shirts with collars deal with but never talk about? Is this a message from the gods that I should only wear t shirts or only dark colored collared shirts?

BTW most of my shirts are wrinkle free cotton/poly blends, and they usually have one of those clear plastic collar stay things inside the material to keep the collar straight and pointy.
posted by jasper411 on Aug 20, 2004 - 21 answers

Can I put my electric toothbrush in the dishwasher?

Can I put my electric toothbrush in the dishwasher? The bristle is detachable from the powered handle, and the threads collect gunk that I would just as soon power-wash away. The handle seems watertight -- the bristlehead moves via magnets, and the charging element is behind plastic.
posted by blueshammer on Mar 7, 2004 - 5 answers

What is the best way to deal with dishwashing sponges?

Home economics 101...What is the best way to deal with dishwashing sponges? They get moldy so quickly, and I never know where to keep them: hanging out in the sink (stays too damp)? On the chrome beside the sink (can create a mess)? In a little bowl beside the chrome (still too damp)? I have been told to microwave them upon every use, or to put them in the dishwasher (although I have also been warned against this), and to boil them/bleach them to keep them clean. Also: should I use the rough green pads for everything? Should I get a sponge on a stick?

Any insights or stories of sponge strategies are appreciated. Thanks.
posted by macinchik on Feb 1, 2004 - 20 answers

Is it safe to machine wash polyester or nylon/poly flags?

I've got a pair of cheap polyester or nylon/poly flags (one Union Jack, one stars-n-bars) that are dirty from hanging in a smoker's office for too long. Are these safe to throw in the washing machine, if I don't heat-dry them? [more inside]
posted by mrbill on Dec 28, 2003 - 3 answers

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