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What needs to be upgraded in this computer?

I am building a computer, and I would like to know what I need to upgrade in order to have a passable gaming machine. Specs inside. [more inside]
posted by Who_Am_I on Nov 19, 2005 - 15 answers

Should I buy a Game Boy Micro?

Should I buy a Game Boy Micro? [more inside]
posted by chunking express on Nov 4, 2005 - 25 answers

ROM Websites

Can anyone recommend a good, easy-to-navigate site for ROMs of NES and SNES games?
posted by TunnelArmr on Nov 2, 2005 - 15 answers


Are PSP games ever going to be fun? [more inside]
posted by ejoey on Oct 31, 2005 - 17 answers

Which game is this?

In junior high, I played a game a lot like "Asteroids" many times at a comic book store. The game was obviously already kind of old--it was in the store as a sort of novelty--and this was in the late eighties. The asteroids were sort of three-dimensional green (?) polygons, and the ship had a shield. [more inside]
posted by interrobang on Oct 9, 2005 - 29 answers

Best USB gamepad that works with Linux?

I'm building a video game emulation machine. What would be the best USB gamepad I could buy that would work with Linux? I don't have anything newer than Genesis/SNES games, so it only really needs six face buttons and two shoulder buttons. I really (really) liked the Xbox 360 controllers when I tried them at E3, but I don't want to wait until they're available. I also like the X-Arcade, but I don't think I could excuse the pricetag.
posted by Plutor on Sep 21, 2005 - 9 answers

Help finding a great video game blog?

I'm looking for a good blog and/or personal site about video games... [more inside]
posted by May Kasahara on Aug 29, 2005 - 26 answers

How can I get a video game made?

I have a great idea for a video game. And not just a vague concept either, but specific notes on everything, down to the finest details. I've documented exactly how the game should look and feel, and I've played countless hours of it in my head. I'm not a game programmer, nor do I know any, but I'd like this game to get made (if only so I won't have to keep playing exclusively in my head). I've searched the web, and the general consensus is that I'm pretty much out of luck; video game companies just don't buy game ideas. Am I out of luck? Is this a lost cause?
posted by feaverish on Aug 18, 2005 - 19 answers

Children's racing games for PS2?

Does the PS2 have any good racing games for children in the vein of MarioKart? [more inside]
posted by stinkycheese on Aug 13, 2005 - 7 answers

What excites you about nextgen gaming consoles?

What features of Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Revolution are you most looking forward to? What are the most unique features?
posted by ArcAm on Aug 8, 2005 - 26 answers

They must spend a fortune on band-aids for their shoulder

Where did the image of the Japanese hero carrying a big sword on his shoulder come from? Examples here, here, here, and here. It seems to come up a lot in Japanese videogames and toons. [more inside]
posted by patgas on Aug 3, 2005 - 17 answers

Is WiFi causing my online gaming lag?

Should I not expect to be able to play online games over Wifi? Does enabling WEP only make it worse? [more inside]
posted by dustinAFN on Jul 3, 2005 - 7 answers

I just got a Playstation 2, and need game recommendations.

I just got a Playstation 2, and need game recommendations. [more inside]
posted by luneray on Jun 24, 2005 - 35 answers

What videogames should every gamer beat?

Fill in the blank: "Don't even talk to me about video games until you've beaten _____." What do you think? When Ninja Gaiden was released for the XBox, some people had said it was so hard that gamers would wear it as a badge when they beat it. So what are some other games that every gamer should try to take on? Not just difficult ones, classic games apply too.
posted by patgas on May 11, 2005 - 51 answers

Soccer or Football

Non-Americans: Having recently purchased FIFA Soccer 2005 here in the U.S. I was wondering if they reprint the cover to say FIFA Football 2005 for the rest of the globe (or if the American version is the reprint).
posted by untuckedshirts on Mar 31, 2005 - 6 answers

Networked Scorched Earth?

I loved Scorched Earth. I want a networked version of Scorch for Windows. I think Scorched 3d is nearly unplayable as-is, though I love the concept. I want something like xscorch but for Windows. Something like Pocket Tanks, but networked. Any ideas?
posted by jojopizza on Mar 26, 2005 - 8 answers

Zelda Windwaker Help!

Zeldafilter - Can anyone tell me where Makar goes if you die in the wind temple and then save? [more inside]
posted by quibx on Mar 21, 2005 - 6 answers

What video game supports the most simultaneous players?

What video game supports the most simultaneous players? [more inside]
posted by Sibrax on Mar 20, 2005 - 12 answers

Defensive coordinator help

Any ESPN NFL 2k5 players (or football gurus) out there want to offer some advice about selecting defenses? [more inside]
posted by schoolgirl report on Mar 9, 2005 - 5 answers

How do I connect GameCube and Game Boy Advanced?

A Game Boy Advance/GameCube connecting problems so my son can play Pokemon on the television. [more inside]
posted by nuala on Feb 20, 2005 - 5 answers

What should I know before buying a Playstation2?

I'm thinking about buying a playstation2, what should I know before I take the plunge? [more inside]
posted by meditative_zebra on Feb 2, 2005 - 16 answers

Kid-Friendly Video Games

For a school fundraiser, my wife (a teacher at the school) and I are donating a "Video Game Bonanza Night". This will be six elementary school-age children coming over to play videogames on a 50" HDTV and an outside projection system. I have an Xbox, GC, PS2, DC, and the N64, and some kid-friendly games (Super Monkey Ball, Katamari Damacy, DDR). I would like to offer a few others, and need suggestions on good kid-friendly party games.
posted by xorowo on Feb 1, 2005 - 22 answers

What's the best online video-game rental outfit?

Which is best: Gamefly or Gplay? Or a different service?
posted by monju_bosatsu on Jan 29, 2005 - 4 answers

How big is the Star Wars franchise?

A couple of people I work with and myself were having a debate on how big the Star Wars franchise is financially? With Lucasfilms being private they never release revenue. Does anyone know how many dollars of Star Wars videogames and toys are sold each year?
posted by rje7 on Jan 27, 2005 - 7 answers

GameCube Games

Got a GameCube and would like some players' feedback regarding building a library. [+]
posted by blueshammer on Jan 12, 2005 - 45 answers

Where can I download a legal version of GTA 2?

Where can I download a kosher version of GTA 2? [More inside...] [more inside]
posted by ralawrence on Jan 6, 2005 - 5 answers

Xbox game recommendations and tricks?

I bought myself an Xbox for Christmas. What are the best games to pick up? Are there any cool things I can do with it without installing any chips or risking ruining the thing? [more inside] [more inside]
posted by Otis on Dec 29, 2004 - 31 answers

Has anyone ordered from Lik-Sang? How'd it work out for you?

My wife is dying for a limited-edition pink GameBoy Advance SP. I don't trust eBay for that sort of thing. Has anyone ordered from Lik-Sang? How'd it work out for you?
posted by schoolgirl report on Dec 13, 2004 - 8 answers

What is the marketing strategy of games consoles?

I don't know anything about business or whatever, so Sony's strategy for the PS2 makes no sense to me. My girlfriend wants to get me a PS2 for Christmas, but every place we've called has basically told us the same thing: everyone's sold out because Sony is shorting store's orders in order to drive up demand. They did pretty much the same thing a few years ago when the PS2 launched. It didn't make any sense to me then, and doesn't make any sense to me now. What kind of business sense does this make? What's the point of driving up demand for a product that they don't supply? Are they trying to set up sales beyond Christmas? But even then, don't they just risk people getting pissed off and something from their competitor? [more inside]
posted by emptybowl on Dec 8, 2004 - 15 answers

PS2, GameCube, or XBox?

Well, the time appears to have finally come. With my kids starting to cross over the 10 threshold I am on the verge of caving in on the gaming console issue. As a kid who wanted an Atari 2600 but got a TI-99/4a it took me a while to realize that gaming consoles are now pretty much part of the background recreation matrix/social experience of kids and not an extravagant extra. Anyway, they get good grades and I wound up working for a while as a game programmer and it did not kill me.

So parenting aside, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good sources of information on the three major platforms (XBox, GameCube, PS2). The kids told me that their friends mostly have PS2s and that they like the GameCube, but I just want to make sure that, say, in February the next generation of platform hardware won't come out and they stop production of titles for what we get. FWIW their tastes are Backyard sports games, Civilization 3, and Hobbit/Harry Potter type games -- but they remind me that playing those and Zaxxon on the family PC do not a gaming system make. Oh, and there any must-have accessories that we should take care of up front? Cheers.
posted by cgk on Dec 6, 2004 - 26 answers

Too Old for Videogames?

Does anyone else find that their head likes playing computer games, but their body doesn't? (MI) [more inside]
posted by ascullion on Nov 17, 2004 - 16 answers

XBox Mods

I want to get an XBox, mod it, stick a HD in it and then use XBMC, MAME, UAE and other various emulators and stuff. Honestly, how easy is this to do for a so-so technical person? What are good web resources? Or am I going to get myself into a whole world of pain? [more inside]
posted by ralawrence on Nov 17, 2004 - 11 answers

Why aren't other developers following Valve's Steam model?

If Valve's Steam means that games developers can do away with publisher, distributor and retailer overheads... um... why isn't everyone doing it, or similar things?
posted by Pretty_Generic on Nov 10, 2004 - 13 answers

Using projectors to play video games

Using projectors to play video games. [more inside]
posted by Hildago on Oct 31, 2004 - 9 answers

Questions about gameplay in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, every time I attempt a home invasion there's someone sitting in the living room. Is there a way to ensure that people will be upstairs more often?

And if I'm quicker with a baseball bat, can I prevent the majority of the population that sleeps sitting upright in the living room from calling the cops?
posted by Mayor Curley on Oct 31, 2004 - 18 answers

DVDs on Gaming Console?

Playing DVDs on a PlayStation or XBOX: Threat or menace? I've seen occasional references suggesting this will somehow wear out a console's DVD drive. True or false?
posted by arto on Sep 30, 2004 - 11 answers

What are the best PC games that you can play with a game pad?

What are the best PC games that you can play with a game pad? [more inside]
posted by muckster on Aug 29, 2004 - 9 answers

OS X native, 1st person shooter recommendation for mother-in-law?

My mother-in-law, is looking for a good 1st person shooter, in the vein of Doom/Quake. It must be OS X native, and be able to run decently on her 500 mhz G4. Any Suggestions?
posted by ShawnString on Aug 27, 2004 - 21 answers

Multiplayer FPS for Gamecube recommendations

VideoGameRecommendationFilter: I thought Goldeneye was a great multiplayer game. What first-person-shooter for the Gamecube would y'all recommend as being the most like it and/or the most fun in terms of multiplayer?
posted by evinrude on Aug 25, 2004 - 9 answers

Emotionally-involving videogames?

Can you think of any emotionally-involving videogames? Games where you develop an emotional bond for the characters, and have an emotional investment in the outcome of the story? Has a game ever made you cry? [more inside]
posted by waxpancake on Aug 12, 2004 - 81 answers

Trying to remember the name of an arcade game from ca. 1992

Trying to remember the name of an arcade game from ca. 1992. [more inside]
posted by cdavis on Jul 1, 2004 - 5 answers

Know any good video game blogs that aren't mere listings?

Video Game blogs? Know any good ones? i can find listings just fine, but i'm looking for quality. (More inside) [more inside]
posted by Miles Long on Jun 30, 2004 - 10 answers

Where I can buy a Super Nintendo ROM Dumper?

Does anyone know where I can find a Super Nintendo ROM Dumper? I've tried eBay and Google, but I can't find anywhere to actually purchase one. I want to play Secret of Mana 2 and Final Fantasy V for real on my SNES.
posted by hughbot on Jun 21, 2004 - 1 answer

How to play PS2 games on my PC?

Playing PS2 on PC? I'd like to be able to see my ps2 games on my swanky monitor. Would a tv card with s-video in do it? Also, if I pick up a tv card, what do people recommend as a good show recorder (I have a good pc)?
posted by Mossy on Jun 20, 2004 - 13 answers

Php Galleries for fan sites

I work on a fan-based website for a video game series. We have a somewhat large (~15-20) group of fanartists who draw pretty pictures. We want to set up a gallery in which we can display these pictures.

I'm looking for a PHP gallery system. What can you suggest/what have you had good experiences with?
posted by billybunny on Jun 19, 2004 - 8 answers

What games and accessories should I get for my Playstation 2?

Playstation 2 fans: I have just invested in a Playstation 2 for a game room in my house. Now I am trying to put together a library of games that has something for everyone, from little kids to psychotic bikers; what titles do I need? Also, what are some useful accessories? I have found a lot of review sites on the net and are taking them into account, but I often find that the collective wisdom of AskMeFi gets to the point a lot better for these type of questions. Thanks in advance for your help.
posted by TedW on Jun 17, 2004 - 47 answers

Do you have any tips for combating motion sickness caused by video games?

My mom gets sick when she watches videogames. She has had this since Wolfenstein 3D. Side scroller games and fixed view games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon do not affect her.

I picked up Prince of Persia, the new one, and I would really like for her to be able to play. Refresh rate is 85hz, vertical sync on, what else can I do to help?
posted by Keyser Soze on Jun 6, 2004 - 12 answers

Classic Video Games

Licensing of 'abandonware' or classic video games... has anyone heard of any company or individual that was able to rerelease an old video game? If so, what kind of agreements were made with the original company with regards to royalty payments and upfront fees?
posted by sleslie on May 18, 2004 - 7 answers

Mom needs a Gamecube game

I'm looking for recommendations for a good Gamecube game for my mother - definitely a non-gamer. She's still working on using a controller, so I'm figuring something simple and fun may be best. Any thoughts?
posted by tirade on May 13, 2004 - 22 answers

Mortal Kombat

I've been feeling nostalgia lately for my violence-drenched childhood and I was wondering if anyone knew of a website somewhere that has free movie files of all the fatalities from the Mortal Kombat games (especially II) The last time i saw them, I got very wistful. It was a little disturbing.
posted by Slimemonster on Apr 27, 2004 - 1 answer

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