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Could/should I switch from graphic design to science?

I suffered from depression and social anxiety throughout my mid to late teens so I did poorly in my A-levels which I picked based more on how easy I thought they'd be than how much they interested me. I managed to get into a decent Art School thanks to my graphics portfolio but I was miserable there. I transferred to a different school and got treatment for depression and was much happier. I just got my results for the first year though and they were terrible - I just barely passed. I'm starting to think I'm not suited to art school. I feel like I missed my chance to find a subject that really interests me and now I'm stuck on a career path which I'm not suited for. I keep fantasizing about going into science - I've always been interested in it and both of my brothers have science degrees - but I'd have to start from scratch and I have no idea if I'd be any good at it. Is this just a dumb pipe dream or is it something I should look into?
posted by Andy Harwood on Jul 4, 2009 - 8 answers

How difficult would it be to transfer to a North American university?

I'm half-way through my second semester at Winchester School of Art and I'm thinking about transferring. I'd really like to study in Canada or the US but I'm worried that it would be prohibitively expensive or horribly complicated to set up. Exactly how difficult would it be? Would I have to pay full tuition without any financial aid? Would the different education system cause a lot of problems? What other hurdles would I have to overcome?
posted by Andy Harwood on Mar 7, 2008 - 4 answers

Help me decide which (UK) university to go to

I've recieved offers from The University of Plymouth, Winchester School of Art and Bath Spa University. At the moment I'm torn between Plymouth and Bath. Bath has a good reputation for art and design subjects (I'm studying graphics) and its a really beautiful city (this is the halls of residence) but its an expensive place to live and there's no internet access in the halls of residence which is a big drawback for me. Plymouth is a nice enough place but compared with Bath it's a complete dive and I don't think it has as good a reputation as Bath. It does have free broadband in the halls of residence though, and they've just built a brand new art and design campus with state of the art facilities. Also, in Bath I'd be living exclusively with art and design students whereas in Plymouth I'd be living with people studying different subjects which I find more appealing. Any thoughts on which is the better option? Solutions to the internet problem would also be welcome.
posted by Andy Harwood on Apr 25, 2007 - 11 answers

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