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What should I watch?

What TV series should I watch next (online or via Netflix DVD)? [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Dec 5, 2011 - 88 answers

How did Future Peter from Heroes get his scar?

When/Where/How does "Future Peter" get his scar in the TV series Heroes? I've watched seasons 1-3 and can't remember any instance/scenario where this could have happened. Season 3 spoilers inside. [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Aug 11, 2009 - 9 answers

Looking for closed-captioned or subtitled media

Looking for streaming (or downloadable) closed-captioned or subtitled TV shows and movies, preferably relatively recent and mainstream. Is there a repository of this stuff that I've been missing? I know Hulu has some CC media, but it's very limited.
posted by desjardins on Apr 15, 2009 - 8 answers

Closed-captioning and cable TV.

The FCC seems to indicate that broadcasters are required to include closed captioning, at least for new programming, but I have purchased several very recent movies on cable that lack closed captioning. How are the cable companies getting around these requirements? Why is closed captioning so inconsistent? [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Nov 26, 2007 - 3 answers

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