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Chicago to Minneapolis, available hostels

Traveling from Chicago to Minneapolis to be with a loved one, staying for a week-- cheaply? [more inside]
posted by stoneandstar on Jan 14, 2012 - 12 answers

If you could live anywhere...

I'm sick of Oklahoma, sick of cold and snow, sick of everything to do with this place. I want out of the state, but cant' decide where to go next. Over the last few years I've lived in San Diego, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, the Chicago area, Tulsa Ok, and originally the Phoenix area. Most of my moves have been prompted by having a friend with a couch willing to pick me up from the Greyhound station, but this time I'd like to go somewhere completely new and for the first time truly start over on my own. [more inside]
posted by myShanon on Dec 29, 2011 - 10 answers

How would you protect a city from terrorism?

If you ran a city, what would you do, in a practical and local sense, to help protect your city from terrorist attacks?
posted by pracowity on Jul 7, 2005 - 13 answers

Where to live this summer, and how to commute?

I'm going to be working in Schaumburg, IL this summer - should I take the company provided housing (at $750 a month)? I'd rather be near an L line for easy city access, but then I have to figure out how to reverse commute. Where should I live in the Chicago metro area, and how should I get to work each day? [more inside]
posted by heresiarch on Apr 2, 2005 - 23 answers

Road to Nowhere

My SO's long-held family house looks like it will soon have a 6 lane highway built through it. Is there anything that can be done or said that could have a bearing on the route? (MI) [more inside]
posted by figment on Nov 22, 2004 - 14 answers

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