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How may we make your stay more comfortable?

You find yourself unexpectedly staying overnight at a friend's home. Aside from the obvious toothbrush, what sorts of things would you appreciate your friend providing for you to make your stay more comfortable?
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell on Aug 5, 2015 - 54 answers

Tooth-brushing, early toddler edition

The title about sums this up -- how do we brush the teeth of our 14 month old when he really doesn't want us to? [more inside]
posted by ohio on Jun 17, 2015 - 25 answers

Why do I keep getting cavities?

I brush, floss, and rinse with fluoride twice daily. Why do I always get cavities? [more inside]
posted by Angel de Lune on Mar 9, 2015 - 65 answers

Brushing your teeth (even flossing) in a public restroom: ok?

I never see anyone do it. Being a guy though, I only see men's restrooms. Maybe it's different in women's. I can't even remember seeing a guy brush his teeth in the restroom, let alone floss. Also, I imagine an office restroom has different oral hygiene etiquette than a restroom at say, the mall -- true?
posted by early one morning on Oct 1, 2014 - 63 answers

Can fluorosis vanish in a week?

Can fluorosis vanish in a week? I thought once you have it, it does not go away unless a dentist treats you for it. [more inside]
posted by lynnie-the-pooh on Feb 4, 2014 - 8 answers

Ultrasonic toothbrushes: Which has least noise/vibration?

Which ultrasonic toothbrush has the least noise and vibration? This is for my 12-lb dog, who has a correspondingly small head. He's already great about letting me brush with a manual toothbrush, which I do nightly, but still had some periodontal pockets at his recent dental cleaning. I think I can get him to accept an ultrasonic one if I introduce it very gradually, but I want to get the gentlest one possible. Related issues inside. [more inside]
posted by HotToddy on Oct 8, 2013 - 10 answers

Does anyone else *HATE* the dentist??

I have impeccable dental hygiene, and yet my gums insist on making good on their mutual suicide pact. This results in epically difficult, frequent, and expensive trips to the dentist. I'm looking for advice from any mefites who have dealt with similar issues. [more inside]
posted by fingers_of_fire on Mar 13, 2013 - 17 answers

What is the best electric toothbrush today?

What is currently the best electric toothbrush? Why is it the best? [more inside]
posted by jsturgill on Feb 2, 2013 - 16 answers

Should I replace the brush head now or can I wait?

The reminder bristles on my Sonicare brush head have already faded to the halfway point. Is it wise to continue using it until the 3-month mark or should I switch to the next unused brush head? [more inside]
posted by neitherly on Nov 27, 2012 - 8 answers

if only I had the warranty...

My Sonicare toothbrush is not working correctly. What might be wrong? [more inside]
posted by leedly on Feb 16, 2012 - 4 answers

Do all electric toothbrushes get moldy?

Why is my Oral-B electric toothbrush's head moldy? Would a Sonicare have the same problem? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 14, 2011 - 18 answers

Replacing Sonicare Toothbrush Battery

I own a Sonicare Toothbrush. The battery has now died. Phillips used to replace these toothbrushes for about 75% of their original cost. However, Phillips now has suspended this practice. Would anyone know of a small independent company that would repair my Sonicare by replacing the dead battery? Thanks in advance.
posted by Mckoan1 on Sep 30, 2011 - 3 answers

Which are your favorite teeth cleaning products?

Which are your favorite teeth cleaning products? Favorite regular or electric toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, floss picks, mouthwash, etc.? [more inside]
posted by sharkfu on Mar 3, 2011 - 56 answers

Electric toothbrush disposal

Best way to dispose of an electric toothbrush? [more inside]
posted by ObscureReferenceMan on Nov 18, 2010 - 7 answers

How do I teach myself to brush my teeth?

How do I teach myself to consistently brush my teeth? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 1, 2010 - 33 answers

Interdental Toothbrushes

My dentist told me that I should start to use an interdental toothbrush once a day. Are their any particular brands I should look out for or are the generics just as good? Also, any tips when it comes to using one?
posted by nam3d on May 7, 2010 - 2 answers

Teethbrushing timer per quadrant

TeethBrushingFilter: where can I buy a visual teeth brushing timer? [more inside]
posted by devnull on Sep 17, 2009 - 14 answers

What should I replace my Sonicare with?

My Sonicare toothbrush is dying. Please help me replace it. [more inside]
posted by Solomon on Jan 5, 2009 - 10 answers

Help me buy a toothbrush!

Do I need to shell out for an expensive electric toothbrush? [more inside]
posted by btkuhn on Dec 5, 2008 - 20 answers

Which electric toothbrush should I buy?

Which electric toothbrush should I buy? [more inside]
posted by Tu13es on Nov 13, 2008 - 33 answers

How did you get a recalcitrant toddler's teeth brushed?

How did you get a recalcitrant toddler's teeth brushed? [more inside]
posted by chesty_a_arthur on Nov 3, 2008 - 31 answers

Sonicare Vibrates Toothpaste Right Off of It ...

I recently bought a Sonicare. I like how it makes my teeth feel cleaner than they had been, and anecdotal evidence from others suggests it's going to help my gums. But I really can't figure out how the toothpaste works with this thing. [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on May 7, 2008 - 10 answers

The Giant Toothbrush Necessity

I need a seriously gigantic novelty toothbrush. [more inside]
posted by jessicapierce on Feb 5, 2008 - 9 answers

Did the toothpaste make my teeth hurt?

I have bad teeth. So how come the flouride toothpaste my dentist prescribed to decrease cavity formation and problems is making my teeth actually hurt? [more inside]
posted by arnicae on Jan 7, 2008 - 18 answers

My dentist is expenive enough...

I have a Sonicare HX7300 toothbrush, which is great. But the heads for it are so expensive, which isn't so great. [more inside]
posted by Solomon on Nov 10, 2007 - 5 answers

Gum trauma causes painful white blister?

About 6 days ago I was brushing my teeth and I jammed the plastic edge of my toothbrush hard against my lower right-hand outside gum. There wasn't any blood, but in the days since, some sort of white blister has developed and is sensitive to the touch. It looks like a short (inch-long) line along my gum where the toothbrush hit. Any ideas how long this will take to go away, and if there's anything I can do to speed that up? Thanks!
posted by shivohum on Jan 2, 2007 - 8 answers

My Sonicare-fu is weak

Should a Sonicare toothbrush be used instead of, or in combination with regular brushing? Also, what is the best technique for using the Sonicare?
posted by letitrain on Oct 5, 2006 - 10 answers

Fix my OralB Sonic Complete Toothbrush!

Help me fix my OralB Sonic Complete toothbrush! [more inside]
posted by sdis on Jun 12, 2006 - 4 answers

How do I prolong the life of my electric toothbrush's battery?

My electric toothbrushes keep dying... [more inside]
posted by websavvy on Dec 9, 2005 - 20 answers

Are electric toothbrushes worth it?

Are electric toothbrushes worth it? [more inside]
posted by blue_beetle on Nov 8, 2005 - 44 answers

Toothbrushes are grody

Why don't our tootbrushes make us ill? They sit out all day with our mouth germs and lord knows what else lingering there. Does toothpaste have anything to do with this?
posted by schoolgirl report on Jul 17, 2005 - 28 answers

Toothbrush phobia?

Are you grossed out by your partner's dental care routine? [more inside]
posted by bshort on Mar 10, 2005 - 23 answers

Can I put my electric toothbrush in the dishwasher?

Can I put my electric toothbrush in the dishwasher? The bristle is detachable from the powered handle, and the threads collect gunk that I would just as soon power-wash away. The handle seems watertight -- the bristlehead moves via magnets, and the charging element is behind plastic.
posted by blueshammer on Mar 7, 2004 - 5 answers

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