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Air conditioning tips?

This may seem like one of those "duh" questions, but I've just put in my very first air conditioner (thanks to MeFites) and have a few quick questions. [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Aug 1, 2006 - 26 answers

Going to a New Job -- Advice on Making It Easier?

I'd appreciate any and all advice associated with changing work environments -- whether practical advice (about little bits of personal business to remember, or health insurance crud), or mental/emotional advice (how to adjust internally), or sociological advice (how to smooth the transition into a new employee culture). I also suck learning names -- hopefully they'll have nameplates, but anyone have tips for committing a large mass of names and faces to memory? [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Apr 13, 2005 - 14 answers

Making salads palatable, and recommendations for strong-flavored healthy food?

How can I make salads more palatable? And any recommendations for healthy food with strong flavors? [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Feb 28, 2005 - 56 answers

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