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Ideas for tests + questions for job candidate interviews?

What are your favorite ways to verify specific skills/qualities of job candidates in the interview process? [more inside]
posted by grayber on Apr 3, 2016 - 8 answers

How do navigate insurance with hospital staff?

I need to get an MRI and my insurance wants my doctor's office to send them a notification, otherwise I'll be subject to a financial penalty. However, I'm not sure my doctor's office knows how to file one of those, and I'm fairly new to medical/insurance snags, and so don't know how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 8, 2015 - 7 answers

who out there homeschooled in high school and got into college?

Hello, Have any of you been homeschooled in high school, and then went on to apply for college? I'm looking for details on how you applied for college, that is, did you take the ACT or SAT and how did that go for you? Did you dual enroll, so that the colleges could see some actual grades, or did you just send in a portfolio with lists of books you read, book reports, or essays you wrote? [more inside]
posted by lynnie-the-pooh on Sep 21, 2015 - 10 answers

Math Camp for Economist help!

I'm basically teaching myself how to do pass an PhD economics placement test, and I'm looking for resources to learn these things that aren't books. [more inside]
posted by MisantropicPainforest on Aug 10, 2014 - 5 answers

How are the questions for major standardised examinations set?

I would like to know how the questions for major standardised examinations are set. What are some resources which I should be looking at? Could you recommend some articles or books or blogs which talk about how examination questions for a large-scale exam are written? (I prefer the written format, but if there is a particularly informative podcast or documentary I am also open to listening or watching it.) [more inside]
posted by 35minutes on Jul 3, 2014 - 5 answers

Let's Take Some Tests!

This FPP on the Putnam math tests made me wonder: what other outside-of-school exams or tests are out there that have some kind of competitive element? And how many of them are open to the public? [more inside]
posted by divabat on Apr 27, 2014 - 10 answers

What should I eat to sustain me through a 4.5 hour computerized test?

I am taking the GRE on Saturday and I have issues with low blood pressure and mild hypoglycemia. What should I eat the morning of? What should I bring to the test to sustain me for the full 4.5 hours? [more inside]
posted by Alison on Mar 3, 2014 - 18 answers

Help me end my careless/avoidable mistakes on exams

After a few semesters of college, I am consistently disappointed each time I receive an exam or quiz back. I constantly find myself making mistakes which I consider careless or avoidable; I know this is a widespread sentiment among students everywhere. What's your advice? [more inside]
posted by ptsampras14 on Mar 7, 2013 - 19 answers

Recommendations for lead testing labs needed

I need to test several pieces of furniture and some toys for lead paint, and want to have a lab confirm the home tests I plan to run. I need recommendations for reliable (and hopefully affordable, too) options.
posted by ryanshepard on Feb 25, 2013 - 2 answers

Job as Online test-scorer?

My husband is considering doing online test-scoring as a side job. What do we need to know? [more inside]
posted by PussKillian on Feb 17, 2013 - 16 answers

Melbourne: testing for STIs

Where in Melbourne, Australia can I be tested for STIs? I live in the eastern suburbs, so the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre isn't particularly convenient - though if it is cheaper/quicker for testing/results, I will consider making the trip there. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 18, 2013 - 4 answers

Staying sane and healthy during qualifying exams.

I have two weeks of PhD qualifying exams coming up - how do I stay sane, healthy, and positive? [more inside]
posted by SNWidget on Jul 22, 2012 - 15 answers

Predict test questions or read them all?

Is it better to predict a test answer then look for the choice that matches or read through each answer choice on middle school standardized tests? [more inside]
posted by Elsie on Mar 29, 2012 - 8 answers

Will I pass a drug test?

Am I going to pass this damn drug test? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 17, 2012 - 19 answers

Short Answer Questions for Dummies

Do you totally nail short-answer questions on exams? If so, give me your blow-by-blow method. Inspired by this question. [more inside]
posted by KLF on Jun 23, 2011 - 13 answers

Making money by taking tests

I am crazy good at taking tests. How can I make some side money from this skill? Nothing illegal like taking tests for other people, obviously. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 9, 2010 - 16 answers

Should she or shouldn't she?

Asking for a friend: My friend recently got a 710 on the GMAT, with a 92nd percentile verbal and a 75th percentile quantitative. She has the impression that, while her total score is a good one, that business schools are more interested in the quant score than the verbal score, and she is concerned that a 75th percentile quant score will not be sufficient to get her into a top business school (and by a top business school, she means Harvard or Stanford (her first choices)). On practice tests she has done significantly better on the quantitative section and is now trying to decide whether or not to retake the test. Should she? If you have any personal knowledge of what HBS and SBS are looking for in a GMAT score, or can suggest a better forum for this question, she'd appreciate it too.
posted by slide on Oct 10, 2010 - 6 answers

How to pass multiple-choice questions tests?

Resources to help a high-school history student become a better test-taker, especially in multiple-choice exams? [more inside]
posted by dealing away on Jul 19, 2010 - 16 answers

Help me solve puzzles

Any guides on what to look for when solving puzzles? [more inside]
posted by thesailor on May 19, 2010 - 1 answer

What personality types actually mean

What do personality-type classifications actually assert about populations? [more inside]
posted by pengale on Apr 30, 2010 - 18 answers

If I had a catchy title, I'd buy your CCNA certification...

Asking for my partner: What's the best way (most bang for your buck) to prep for a CCNA test? What other certifications or trainings should he go for to move up in the voice/networking area of IT? [more inside]
posted by Madamina on Feb 28, 2010 - 6 answers

How can I measure my sleep deprivation, using SCIENCE?

What kind of tests can I perform to quantify my functioning, in response to varying levels of sleep deprivation? [more inside]
posted by Jacen Solo on Feb 19, 2010 - 6 answers

Tips to study for Praxis I

I Need to take and pass PRAXIS I asap. I looked at the sample questions on ETS website. My strongest area is math followed by reading. On the writing section, I feel I can do well on the essay as it seems natural to me but the technical terms used for grammar, etc, get me lost. So i am looking for advice to study all three parts, especially the technical English stuff. Should I buy the books from ETS? Are there better options? Thanks!
posted by lake59 on Feb 11, 2010 - 4 answers

Free TOEFL practice tests

Wife is taking the Internet-based TOEFL exam in a couple of weeks. We'll buy the official practice test (from ETS) a couple of days before the actual exam, so she can get a feel of the entire test before going for the real thing. Meanwhile, do you know of any good free practice tests she can use?
posted by dcrocha on Feb 3, 2010 - 2 answers

Foreign language equivalent to TOEFL?

What are the foreign language equivalents to the TOEFL? I'm specifically looking for official tests where a qualifying score would, like the TOEFL, indicate that one's language ability is sufficient to study at a university in that country. For example, China has the HSK test. What would the equivalent test be in other languages? [more inside]
posted by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo on Dec 23, 2009 - 14 answers

Should I get these tests done now, and will insurance cover treatment in the future?

A complicated question about a specific medical condition, insurance, and pre-existing conditions. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 2, 2009 - 10 answers

What copyright/licensing concerns should I have about pro bono SAT prep tutoring?

What copyright/licensing concerns should I have about pro bono SAT prep tutoring? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 11, 2009 - 7 answers

Help me become a good LSAT tutor.

I recently applied for a position as a pro-bono LSAT tutor, unfortunately I wrote my LSAT three years ago and I have no tutoring experience. Help? [more inside]
posted by paradoxflow on Oct 29, 2009 - 6 answers

What kind of tests are performed by a paramedic on an adult after CPR has resuscitated them from a drowning in a bubble bath?

What kind of tests are performed by a paramedic on an adult after CPR has resuscitated them from a drowning in a bubble bath? I am writing a novel and this is part of the plot, and I suspect that they must do something, but I don't know what. If anyone knows anything, you have my thanks!
posted by Sully on Jan 9, 2009 - 9 answers

We've got something for everyone?

DecidophobeFilter: What do you hold to be a particularly accurate/helpful free online test to label/understand yourself and thus choose a "lifepath" or "value-set". [more inside]
posted by ageispolis on Dec 3, 2008 - 2 answers

Preventive Medicine

Are expensive, precautionary tests for health preventive maintenance an abuse of the medical system? [more inside]
posted by netbros on Aug 4, 2008 - 17 answers

Which Psychometric test is best for Career Development?

I am interested in taking psychometric assessments - specifically for use in Career Development. I would like to hear about experiences with specific psychometric instruments for this purpose. Which test is best? [more inside]
posted by therubettes on Jun 25, 2008 - 11 answers

Number Sense

Where I can get old Number Sense tests? [more inside]
posted by king walnut on May 10, 2008 - 1 answer

Help me pass my test!

What to include on my Statistics midterm cheatsheet? [more inside]
posted by jk252b on Mar 18, 2008 - 4 answers

Where can I find useful (and free) life/career/personality assessment tests online?

Are there any great (and free) life/career/personality assessment tests online? Where should I look for help brainstorming ideas for a new direction? [more inside]
posted by 2oh1 on Mar 3, 2008 - 8 answers

Can you answer this question (un)truthfully?

(Psychology) Questionnaires designed to elicit the truth? [more inside]
posted by unmake on Feb 27, 2008 - 8 answers


I have comprehensive exams in 230 days. Any studying advice? [more inside]
posted by chrisalbon on Feb 3, 2008 - 11 answers

Will sit exam for food...

Which jobs/careers require an examination as the starting point of employment? I'm not looking for careers that require some sort of professional accreditation like passage of a bar exam or certification. I'm thinking more along the lines of the old (in the US) civil service exam. I know all about the foreign service exam and am curious what else is out there.
posted by the christopher hundreds on Jan 24, 2008 - 11 answers

What sort of tests should I ask my for doctor for?

What sort of tests should I ask my for doctor for? I am a 36 year old male with a healthy lifestyle (plenty of exercise, fruit/vegetables, no meat, no smoking or alcohol) but the last three months I have been getting ill or feeling under the weather an awful lot. Nothing major (mostly swollen glands and feeling very tired) but still really frustrating. I like to figure what is going on with me. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor to ask for some tests. It is my experience with this doctor that I should do my homework before going because otherwise they will just run a limited set of standard tests which might not include what I'm looking for. So I would like to ask the hive mind: what sort of tests should I ask for? Iron and B12 deficiencies spring to mind but what else?
posted by dinkyday on Dec 5, 2007 - 21 answers

What's the standard for g. i.e. general intelligence?

Do intelligence tests measure g (i.e. general intelligence)? How do we know? With most testing standards, there's an arbitrary physical constant in the world for us to measure and quantify: the meter is defined in terms of a wavelength of light in a vacuum, for instance. However, intelligence tests seem more like the kilogram's platinum-iridium cylinder, which is a sort of moving target. What's the standard for g? [more inside]
posted by anotherpanacea on Nov 14, 2007 - 18 answers

Early pregnancy tests

Are those early pregnancy tests reliable? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 8, 2007 - 7 answers

What was California's policy on blood tests in the past?

When did California stop demanding blood tests before issuing marriage certificates? When they did require a blood test, how long did it take to get one? Thanks!
posted by PeteNicely on Sep 3, 2007 - 5 answers

Best practices for test creation

Can anyone point me to some sources for best practices in creating end of course test questions? [more inside]
posted by worker_bee on Jun 7, 2007 - 4 answers

How to administer a read-aloud math test

Suggestions/resources for administering a math test out loud? [more inside]
posted by Sweetie Darling on May 21, 2007 - 9 answers

Where to Get an IQ Test in Person?

My mom (in her late 70s) wants to, for the 1rst time in her life, be tested to find out what her IQ is. She's not linked to the net to do this online, so to who or where could she go in person that would be reliable and reasonably priced to test her IQ ?
posted by Kellyu on Feb 22, 2007 - 16 answers

Intelligence tests

Is it possible to prepare for Intelligence tests ? If yes, what are the mainstream Intelligence tests that firms or institutions use ?
posted by Yiba on Jan 5, 2007 - 14 answers

What statistical tests do I need to run on this data?

I need a good resource for conducting statistical tests. I've taken stats courses, but it's been a while. Something SPSS-centric would be ideal... [more inside]
posted by electric_counterpoint on Nov 29, 2006 - 4 answers

The WQ of Solomon?

We all know about IQ - but has anybody ever tried to make a standardised test for wisdom? [more inside]
posted by rongorongo on Nov 14, 2006 - 6 answers

Does the Hep C virus replicate in stored blood?

Can the Hep C virus replicate in vials of stored blood? [more inside]
posted by engling on Oct 31, 2006 - 4 answers

Tips for a new standardized test tutor?

So I'm applying for a standardized test (LSAT) tutoring position, right? I've got an "audition" next week, where I need to prove that I can teach. The material isn't as important as the ability to understand and react to the needs of the individual student. Any tips for one-on-one teaching like this? [more inside]
posted by electric_counterpoint on Jul 22, 2006 - 12 answers

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